I never thought I would write an article with a title like this, but here I go. A recent study by Norton Utilities revealed some surprising facts about PC users. In Norton’s Consumer PC Frustrations survey, 1000 respondents were asked questions about PC repair, tech support, and fixing general computer problems.
As a result, we get crazy statistics like the one in the title of this article. Here are some other humorous figures released during that study:
-33% of men found holding a significant other’s purse in the mall while she was trying on clothes was less painful than trying to fix a PC
-27% of men would rather give up sports for a week than fix a PC
-23% of women would rather watch ESPN all day than try to fix a PC

And once respondents got past the tech support-related questions, Norton revealed some less humorous but still interesting facts about the way we use our PCs:
-57% of PC users have never downloaded or streamed adult content on their PC (yeah, okay)
-19% of PC users “hardly ever” or “some of the time” watch adult content on their PC
-5% of PC users watch adult content “All the time”
It’s not all bad news for the PC tech support industry. Some users showed promising results in terms of their ability to confidently repair old PCs. For example, about 30% of respondents from both genders said that fixing a PC was less painful than all of those answers. Meanwhile, 76% of respondents regularly scan their computer for viruses and 60% had recently defragmented their hard drive, deleted files, or uninstalled old programs.
Who knew that fixing PCs was such a big deal? Maybe if these respondents had checked out the Fix My PC Free blog for the most up-to-date tech support information, they wouldn’t have to choose between showering, sports, and fixing a PC.

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