Windows 8.1 is scheduled to be the biggest update to Windows 8 since the wayward operating system was released in October 2012. Windows 8.1 brings a slew of new changes to the OS, including a much-requested Start button that doesn’t exactly function the way users want it to function.
Along with hundreds of changes and tweaks, Microsoft has quietly removed 4 features from Windows 8.1 that were found in Windows 8, including:

4) No more Windows Libraries

I never understood the libraries feature. Libraries first appeared in Windows 7 and were designed as a quick way to access and store all your documents. People weren’t using it in Windows 7 and they weren’t using it in Windows 8, so Microsoft quietly removed the Libraries folders from the default Explorer view (although the folders themselves will still be accessible for those who use them)

3) No more Windows 7-style backup


Windows 8 used the exact same backup interface as Windows 7. This wasn’t really a bad thing, since it was one of the few things that users didn’t have to re-learn when moving to Windows 8. Now, users will have to adjust to the new Windows 8.1 backup utility because it’s the only option. But don’t worry: the Windows 8.1 backup utility looks all right so far, and it’s not completely different from Windows 7’s backup system.

2) No more Windows 8 Photos App

If there’s no more Photos App, then where will you store your photos? Well, thankfully, there’s a new Windows 8.1 Photos App that has been redesigned basically from the ground up.

1) No more Windows Experience index

I never really understood what the Windows Experience Index was for, but it always made me angry. Why? Well, I have a top-tier video card and CPU in my PC along with 16GB of RAM, but my windows Experience Index score is 5.9. I’m not used to getting 5.9/10 in anything in life, so I would usually just close the window in disgust.
Apparently, the Windows Experience Index was designed to help people understand how good their computer was without all those pesky gigahertz, gigabytes, and other technical terms getting in the way. Just like with the other features Microsoft got rid of in Windows 8.1, the Windows Experience Index was quietly swept under the rug, never to be seen again.

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