Google Maps is the world’s most popular mapping application.
Today, I’m going to show you some of the best Google Maps tips and tricks that are guaranteed to make your navigational life that much easier.

5) Save offline maps

Most people know that you can save offline maps in Google, but not everyone knows how to do it (especially because Google just changed the process).
Saving offline maps is a great way to avoid roaming data fees when you’re traveling. It also helps you avoid the pain of working with slow network connections.


To save an offline map, follow these steps:
Step 1) Open Google Maps and navigate to the area you want to save
Step 2) Type OK Maps into the search bar at the top of the screen
Step 3) Tap the Save this map? Button and then pan and zoom to adjust your map
Done! Google starts downloading all the data displayed on your screen – as well as data you would see if you zoomed in. Whether you’re backpacking around Paris or going across town, offline maps can save you a lot of data and roaming fees.

4) Check out popular places to eat, drink, shop, and play around your location

If you just arrived in a new city, you may have no idea what’s good around your location.
That’s why it’s helpful to let Google recommend certain places to eat, drink, shop, and play. Google’s recommendations have got better and better over the years as more businesses have taken advantage of having a Google+ Business page.

explore nearby

You can easily check out popular places around you by tapping the search bar in Google maps and then tapping “Explore”.
Then, you can narrow your search even further by tapping Eat, Drink, Play, Shop, Sleep, and “More”.

3) Find your seat faster with indoor stadium maps

Google has added indoor mapping to Google Maps for a number of locations all over the world.
The full list of locations can be found here, but most major stadiums in the United States are covered.
For some people, this is just a neat party trick, but there are plenty of times when it’s actually useful. If you’re going to a mall, for example, then you can scout out where to park based on which stores you want to visit.
You can also check out your seats and section in stadiums like Madison Square Garden. This helps you pick the best entrance to use and get to your seat faster.
Google is constantly added new indoor locations to its list. If your local pro sports stadium has not yet been added to the list, then it could be added within the next year.
Currently, the United States has the best indoor maps. Maps are available for most major airports across the country as well as shopping malls, museums, and even some retail stores like Ikea and Best Buy. Even Chili’s Restaurants have indoor maps – for whatever reason.

2) Initiate turn-by-turn navigation in seconds

If you’re in a foreign part of the city, then you may need to access navigation information ASAP.
Unfortunately, Google Maps usually forces you to type in your destination, tap navigation, browse available routes, and then tap “launch turn by turn navigation”
turn by turn google
Fortunately, there is an easier way to do that.
To instantly launch turn-by-turn navigation to your destination, simply type in your destination then tap and hold the transportation icon. Maps will immediately launch turn-by-turn navigation.

1) Use two fingers to get an angled view of the map

Have you ever stood in a spot and twirled around trying to figure out where you are based on where your Maps arrow is pointing? I know I have.
two finger tilt
One of the easiest ways to orient yourself is to drag two fingers down across your Maps screen. This tilts the map and angles your view – which can often make it easier to figure out where you are.
Some people prefer the top-down perspective, while others appreciate using their maps on an angle. With the two finger tilt trick, you can easily switch between perspectives.

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