Every good business owner looks for ways to cut costs within their company. And one of the best ways to cut costs is by using free business tools.

5) Free operating system: Ubuntu Linux

Today, the majority of business computers run Windows. Some businesses have switched to Mac OS X, but Windows tends to be the most popular choice for corporate networks.
However, a (relatively) new free operating system called Ubuntu Linux is changing the way business owners view operating system expenses. Instead of coughing up $80 to $100 per Windows license, business owners have realized they can save a substantial amount of money by using a free operating system like Ubuntu Linux.
Don’t let the name fool you! Today, Linux is easy to use than ever before. In fact, it’s going to be easier to train your employees to use Ubuntu than it would be to train them on Windows 8. And since Windows 8 is built for touchscreens, it’s not a good idea if your workplace uses traditional monitors.

At the low, low cost of free, Ubuntu Linux is an excellent free option for consumers and businesses. Download it today here to see if it’s right for you and your employees.

4) Free office programs and productivity tools: LibreOffice

Microsoft Office will be the king of Office software for a long time to come. Even Apple users tend to use Microsoft Office. But Office’s market share is being quietly eroded by suites of programs like LibreOffice, which offer all of the functionality of Office programs like Word and PowerPoint with absolutely none of the cost.
That’s right: LibreOffice is completely free and comes with all of the tools you and your employees need to stay productive. With LibreOffice, you can create text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, formulas, databases, and even drawings. It’s the king of the freeware office package market, and it can help any business save a lot of money without really sacrificing anything.
Really, the only drawback with LibreOffice is that certain files will not always look exactly the same when transferred between Office and LibreOffice programs. However, if you’re transferring basic office documents between employees (and not sending professional press releases to the media, for example), then LibreOffice is a perfect solution that’s easy on your budget.

3) Free project management software: Freedcamp

The internet and computers have made it easier than ever to manage projects between multiple employees – at least that’s what paid services like Basecamp want you to think. Freedcamp is like a lighter and freer version of Basecamp. It does almost everything that Basecamp can do, although its functionality is more limited.
Freedcamp is perfect for students coordinating projects in big groups or for smaller offices that need to coordinate any type of job. If you’re coordinating multimillion dollar projects with offshore employees around the world, then you should opt for a paid service like Basecamp. If not, Freedcamp is an excellent free solution that helps businesses stay organized and productive.

2) Free PC optimization software

In most offices, there’s always at least one employee known as ‘the techie’. In larger companies, that person is probably the IT guy. But no matter who that person is, he or she is sick about hearing how slow the office’s computers are running – and how it’s seemingly impossible to fix these problems.
Instead of individually going around to each computer and checking what’s wrong, many IT employees have made their lives significantly easier by telling users to simply install free scanning software like PC Cleaner Pro. Performing a scan with PC Cleaner Pro is 100% free, and if the scan encounters any problems, the IT guy can buy the full program off the company’s budget – at least it doesn’t hurt to ask, right?
For both home and business users, free PC optimization software has never been easier or more accessible than PC Cleaner Pro. And since it speeds up your computer by up to 98% or more, it can significantly boost employee productivity at the office.
The result? Employees are less frustrated, IT workers can focus on important problems, and bosses can enjoy a more productive office. What’s not to like?

1) Free professional website design for businesses

If you’re researching competitors’ services, then you may be envious of their professional website design. “But we’re just a small company,” you protest. “We can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars on a website that looks half as good as that.”
Well, why pay for professional web design when free services like Weebly can do a half decent job for you? Weebly is a free website and blog creation app that allows you to seamlessly drag and drop website elements onto a template. Arrange the pictures and menus exactly how you like, then create your website.
If your business has a website that looks like it’s from the 90s and you want to upgrade it to the modern age, the free version of Weebly is an ideal solution. But if you’re a large company looking for feature-rich web design, you should probably bite the bullet and pay some real web designers to do the work for you.

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