You probably didn’t know that Macs had Easter Eggs. Well, it’s true! Every Mac comes preloaded with a surprising assortment of Easter Eggs – from classic video games to neat little tricks.
Here are our top 5 favorite Mac Easter Eggs you can try on your Apple computer today:

5) Play Snake, Pong, and Tetris

Macs aren’t great for gaming, but there are a few games available on Macs. Fortunately, all Macs have at least three games preinstalled: Snake, Pong, and Tetris.
These classic games are nothing special. In fact, these games feature the most basic graphics you’ve ever seen. But if you feel nostalgic for 1970s-style video games, then you can play Snake, Pong, and Tetris by following these steps:


Step 1) Launch Terminal on your Mac
Step 2) Type in emacs
Step 3) Press Enter
Step 4) Press Esc and X at the same time
Step 5) Type in Snake and hit enter one last time
If you want to play Pong or Tetris, just type in those names instead of Snake. Who said Macs weren’t designed for gaming?

4) Hold shift to slow down animations

Your Mac comes with a lot of nifty animations. Some of those animations go by way too fast for you to see what’s going on.
slow motion
That’s why I recommend holding “Shift” as the animations go into effect. Minimize an app and press shift at the same time. You’ll see the full, drawn out animation effect in all its glory.
Totally useless? Yup. Also kind of cool? You bet.

3) Avoid a trip to the doctor and talk to your Mac instead

Strangely enough, you can use your Mac as a doctor. Yes, it’s true. For whatever reason, Apple preloaded a doctor-like application onto all Macs.
doctor mac
To access that application, follow these steps:
Step 1) Launch Terminal
Step 2) Type in emacs
Step 3) Press Escape and X at the same time
Step 4) Type in doctor
Step 5) Talk to the doctor that pops up!
Strange, right? I don’t know why Apple did this, but it certainly qualifies as an Easter Egg.

2) Watch Star Wars

If you’re a fan of Star Wars, then you have to check out this Easter Egg. Macs come pre-loaded with Star Wars. It’s true!
star wars
Step 1) Launch Terminal
Step 2) Type in telnet
Step 3) Hit Enter
Amazing, right?

1) Hear a funny joke

Apple software was telling jokes long before Siri entered the scene. You can ask your Mac to tell you a joke just like Siri.
To activate your Mac’s hidden joke-telling abilities, follow these steps:
Step 1) Go to System Preferences
Step 2) Click Speech
Step 3) Check the boxes beside Speakable Items and Speak Back Text
Step 4) Now you can ask your Mac to tell you a joke. Seriously, just talk to it.
The jokes are about as dumb as you would expect them to be.
Do you have any more cool Mac Easter Eggs, tips and tricks, and exciting secrets? Let us know in the comments section below!

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