Google’s Chromebook and Chrome OS are popular low-cost PCs. But most people still don’t really understand why you’d buy one.
So why should you consider switching to a Chromebook and Chrome OS? Here are 6 reasons why users love it:

1) It’s Great if You Don’t Use Advanced PC Software

Chromebooks only run Chrome OS apps and Chrome extensions. That limits you if you’re trying to do things like run CAD software or Photoshop or PC gaming.
However, if you’re trying to use office software, then you’ll find it on Chrome OS.
If you’re looking for video players, music players, web applications, and simple applications, then you’ll find it on Chrome OS.
Basically, if you’re an average computer user with average computer needs, and you don’t need advanced PC software or a gaming PC, then the Chromebook may be your best option.

2) It’s Significantly Cheaper than Traditional PCs

There are two reasons why the Chromebook is cheaper than a traditional PC laptop.
First, it doesn’t use Windows, so you instantly save about $80 off the cost. Instead, it uses Chrome OS, which is a free operating system.
Because the laptop is exclusively designed to run Chrome OS, the manufacturer can skimp out on excessive hardware requirements. The hardware is designed specifically to run Chrome OS: nothing more and nothing less.
chromebook 3
For that reason, you can find Chromebooks priced as cheap as $200 to $400 – and that’s for a fully functional computer.

3) It’s Great for Beginner Users

Chrome OS is a great computer for people who aren’t good with computers.
Why? Well, the computer is centered around the web. Installing software is as easy as clicking once from the Chrome store.
You don’t have to worry about visiting some rogue website to download unwanted software. Since you can’t download third party software from third party sources on your Chromebook, you won’t download malware.
chromebook 4
When you log into your Chromebook the web browser pops up and that’s it. You’re not flooded with information. You don’t have to wait for your antivirus software to update. You don’t have to install new Windows updates (although you will have to face occasionally Chrome OS updates).
The OS is also virus-free thus far, which means you don’t have to face the same virus problems faced by Mac and Windows users.
That being said, Chrome OS isn’t 100% safe (no operating system is). But it gives you the greatest possible chance of avoiding major malware threats.

4) Frequently Updated by Google

Google is currently on its 41st version of Google Chrome OS at the time of writing. Updates are frequent and easy-to-install: Google Chrome OS will install them automatically and then prompt you to restart your device to finish updating.
Google is also investing hugely into making Chrome OS work. They’re not abandoning the OS anytime soon. In fact, they’re just getting started.

5) Surprisingly Strong Battery Life

Chrome OS focuses on lightweight performance and efficiency. As you might expect, these traits have led to strong battery life on most Chromebooks.
Expect your Chromebook to have about 7 hours of battery life, minimum. All it does is run a web browser, so you can’t wear out the battery too much.
chromebook 5
When you consider most Chromebooks cost $200 to $500, it’s easy to be impressed by the battery life.

6) You Can Use It Offline?

One of the biggest controversies about Chromebook is that you “can’t use it offline”, according to some people who haven’t really used Chromebooks.
The truth is, you can do a wide variety of tasks offline on your Chromebook. You can use all of your web apps – you’ll just be disabled from accessing their online features.
You can view appointments in your Google Calendar app, for example, and you can write emails offline in Gmail. You can also create and edit documents in Google Drive, listen to music, watch videos, and view Microsoft Office documents.
chromebook 6
All offline Chrome OS games can also be accessed offline.
Like most computers, Chromebook works better online. But it’s a myth that they “don’t work” without internet access.
What do you think? Are you ever going to buy a Chromebook or Chrome OS device? Or are you a PC person until you die?

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