Want to try out Battlefield 4 without paying a dime?
Thanks to the kindness of EA’s gentle heart, you can download a free trial of Battlefield 4 and play it for free for 7 days.
The deal lasts until August 14, 2014.To be clear, you just need to download Battlefield 4 before August 14, 2014. Your one week free trial begins the moment you play the game for the first time.
That’s a sick deal on one of the best games of 2014.
Gamers have full access to the single player and multiplayer parts of Battlefield 4, and your progress will be stored if you decide to purchase the full game.

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You can download the free Battlefield 4 trial from here.
A few weeks ago, EA offered a similar deal with another blockbuster title: Titanfall. Prior to that, they also gave away free copies of popular games like the Sims 2 and Peggle to all Origin users.
Don’t look now, but EA is quietly shedding its reputation as an evil gaming overlord destined to extract every dollar from PC gamers.
Instead, they’re becoming known as the Santa Claus of the gaming community. Origin may not have the annual sales that made Steam famous, but they certainly have the top-tier titles that gamers begrudgingly pay for year after year.

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