Malware infections are becoming more and more common every day among PC users. Despite the fact that today’s PC users are more protected than ever before, malware continues to find cracks in the system to exploit.
Is your computer infected with malware? Read through this list of 7 telltale signs of a malware infection:

7) You see pop-up advertisements even when you’re not browsing the internet

Pop-up advertisements were all the rage back in the early 2000s. You couldn’t go far on the internet without encountering a “You’ve won a million dollars” pop-up. And by the time the browsing session was over, users would have to close dozens of pop-up windows that had been running in the background.
Today, pop-up advertisements are less common on legitimate websites. But viruses still use pop-up advertisements to lure users to dangerous websites. If pop-up advertisements have suddenly started appearing on your computer, then it could be infected with malware. One telltale sign is if the pop up window appears when a browser window is not even open.

6) Browser navigation gets redirected to strange websites

One of the most persistent and frustrating viruses of the past few years is the infamous Google redirect virus, which infects the Google search results page and directs users to websites that they didn’t want to go to.
These redirect viruses are tricky. When searching for insurance information online, it may redirect you to a scam insurance website. At first glance, the website might appear to be the one that you clicked on. but in reality, it could steal your information. Other redirect viruses hack into your social media accounts and email.
Browser redirection is a telltale sign of a serious malware infection. Always check the URL in the address bar to make sure it’s the same website you’re supposed to be visiting.

5) You get frightening warnings from a PC security program that you never installed

Fake Alert

Viruses often mask themselves as antivirus programs in order to trick users. The virus will send out pop-up warnings about serious virus infection problems. It will also urge users to use that antivirus program in order to instantly fix the problem.
Instead of instantly fixing the problem, users will only install the virus deeper into their system. If you see messages from an antivirus program that you never installed, ignore them and follow the removal steps listed below.

4) Your social media account is going crazy with posts you never sent

Today, most people use Facebook, and quite a few people use Twitter as well. These social networks are popular targets for those who create malware. As a result, during a malware infection, your social networks might automatically send out posts you never actually wrote yourself.
Check your Twitter profile for recent tweets and look at your Facebook page for any posts or links that you may have shared. Ask your friends if they have been receiving strange messages and notifications from your account. Today’s social media viruses are very good at masking themselves – don’t fall for the tricks.

3) Your PC is being held for ransom

Many viruses hold PCs for ransom. No, a gun is not pointed at your computer screen. Instead, the program locks users out of their computer’s until they pay a certain amount of money. Until this money is paid, users cannot access the internet or any of their other favorite programs.
Don’t pay the amount. Instead, start the computer in safe mode and follow the removal instructions at the bottom of this article.

2) Common system tools suddenly can’t be accessed

Today’s PC users are getting smarter, and in the event of a virus infection, many users instantly reach for the CTRL+ALT=DELETE keys to shut down processes as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, viruses know how people work, and they will often disable the Windows Task Manager and other useful system tools.
If you find yourself suddenly unable to access the system tools you need, then you may have a serious virus problem.

1) Everything seems normal

What? How can this be true after all the symptoms we listed above? Unfortunately for you, some viruses and malware are totally undetectable. They fly under the radar of antivirus software and create no discernible impact on your system.
That doesn’t mean these viruses are harmless – far from it. In fact, these viruses are probably the most dangerous out there. They sit on the PC and silently monitor web browsing activity and account passwords. Some can even turn on the computer’s webcam and microphone to monitor you as you sit in your office chair.
Sound scary? It is. Keep reading to discover how to remove viruses like this ASAP.

Do these problems sound familiar? Scan your PC for free today

If any of the malware signs listed above sounded familiar, then you may have a serious virus or malware infection. To ensure your PC is protected, scan it with PC Cleaner Pro today. Performing a PC Cleaner Pro scan is free and easy to do – even if you’re so bad with computers that you can barely send an email.
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