Apple’s iMacs are good at some things, and not so good at others.
iMacs are good for multimedia editing, for example, but not so good at gaming.
According to a photo recently tweeted by Tim Cook, iMacs aren’t good at one other thing: making Apple computers.
Tim Cook tweeted the following photo showing his company’s engineers at work in Austin, Texas:
pc apple 2
At first glance, that looks like an innocent picture. An attentive Tim Cook is peering over the shoulder of engineers who are quickly hard at work doing science.
But in case the headline to the article didn’t give it away, there’s something funny about this picture. There are two iMac computers shown and they’re both running Windows.
In other words, Apple uses PCs to manufacture its new Mac Pro because – we assume – it’s impossible to manufacture a Mac Pro using an Apple-based system.
Cook isn’t a very frequent tweeter and has only tweeted 64 times.
You can’t quite tell if the computers are running Windows 7 or Windows XP – although most people are leaning towards Windows XP.
That poses some problems of its own. Windows XP was officially shut down by Microsoft in April 2014 and will no longer be updated.
This might seem like a giant case of “Who Cares?” – and yes, you’d have a valid point.
However, fresh off WWDC, where Tim Cook mocked Microsoft, laughed at Android, and was unnecessarily rude to all his company’s competitors, it’s easy to make fun of Cook here.
The tweet is still up and I don’t think it will be deleted. Clearly, Cook, like Apple, believes he never makes mistakes.

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