For years, Microsoft and Apple had an uneasy truce going over Boot Camp. Boot Camp let Mac users install Windows on Mac OS and “dual boot” into either operating system as they desired.
It was an enormously helpful utility for those who work in both desktop environments with different software programs.
Unfortunately, Apple has decided that Boot Camp is no longer a beneficial service for its users. On the latest lineup of MacBook Pro and Air models, Apple has disabled Boot Camp.
That means no more booting another OS onto your MacBook. That means you’re stuck with Mac OS X whether you like it or not – and whether you need Windows or not.

No More Boot Camp Assistant Utility

Apple has removed the Boot Camp Assistant Utility on all new MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models. That utility was pre-installed to help Mac users install Windows on any Intel-based Apple machine.
boot camp
Users could dual boot into both operating systems, if they so desired.
But for the first time since 2007, Mac OS X has disabled the installation of Windows 7 through the Boot Camp Assistant Utility.
Fortunately, there’s a (kind of) easy way around the missing Boot Camp problem. You can still load Windows 8 in a virtual machine if you really need to use its software.
You can also continue running Windows 8/8.1 through Boot Camp. If you really don’t want to use Windows 8/8.1 and don’t even want to try it, then your next best option is to wait for Windows 10.
Will this decision help or hurt Apple? Will Apple fans be turned towards Microsoft laptops out of necessity? Or will Apple’s gamble pay off by forcing users to grow accustomed to the Mac OS X operating system for all their needs? I guess time will tell.

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