Computers are cheaper today than they have ever been in the past. But we also need more computers today than we ever have before.
Is your computer making you go broke? Are repair bills, replacement costs, and other expenses tearing apart your credit card bills?
If so, then these tips and tricks will help. Today, I’m going to show you how to easily minimize computer expenses without sacrificing features or functionality:

Install a good antivirus program

Okay, this tip is obvious: everybody knows that antivirus programs are important. When you install a good antivirus program, you can avoid having to spend hundreds or potentially thousands of dollars on PC replacement costs.

eset nod32

Here are some of the scary things today’s viruses can do:
-Silently activate your webcam and record you using your computer
-Remotely activate your microphone and record conversations or ambient noises
-Remotely take control of your PC to install and uninstall software or perform other malicious tasks
-Shut down your PC, encrypt all your data, and demand a ransom in order to unlock that data (ransomware)
Obviously, all of these things represent a serious encroachment of privacy. Install a good antivirus scanner – like Kaspersky, Avast, ESET NOD32, or BitDefender – and you can avoid significant PC replacement costs in the future.

Buy a canister of compressed air and clean your PC regularly

This is a tip many people know about – but few people actually follow through on. You can use a canister of compressed air to blast dust particles out of your PC.
Why is that important? Well, PCs generate a lot of heat. And no matter how clean you keep your house, your PC will still develop a serious dust bunny problem. If you use your laptop when it’s on your lap or your bed, for example, then your laptops fans could be constantly sucking in fabric particles and other contaminants.
clean pc compressed air
Ultimately, this significantly reduces the lifespan of your PC and causes PC speeds to decrease. Avoid this problem by buying a canister of compressed air and targeting fans along the sides and inside your computer.
Be sure to do this in a well-ventilated location! I advise doing this every six months or so, but some people do it more frequently if they live in a dusty house or have furry pets.

Use PC optimization software religiously

I don’t care which PC optimization software you use. As long as you find a good software program that works for you.
I like using PC Cleaner Pro because it always seems to find problems that no other optimization software notices – including in places like the Windows Registry, which are ignored by other programs.
Run that PC optimization software on a weekly basis. Anything more than that isn’t that useful, and some people only run it once per month. That’s fine too. As long as you remember to run it sometime every few days, you should be able to keep your PC running long past its expiry date.

Don’t be afraid of buying a new PC – they’re not as expensive as you think

Buying a new PC isn’t the end of the world. In fact, to put it poetically, it’s the start of a new world.
Buying a new PC may not be as expensive as you think. You can build your own PC for as little as $200 these days (monitor not included):

cheap budget pc

But even if you have no idea how to put together a computer, you can still find good PCs for under $500. Here are some tips on buying cheap, brand new PCs:
-Look for Linux computers, which avoid the $100 license fee charged on Windows computers
-Check the refurbished section at or your local Best Buy. There are typically many bargains to be found.
-Don’t forget about tablets. Mid-range tablets often have comparable specs to low-cost PCs. Plus, you can hook up a computer monitor and keyboard for a normal PC experience, while still taking your tablet on-the-go whenever you need it.
Ultimately, buying a new computer might actually save you money. You won’t have to pay for costly repairs or upgrades. And can you really put a price on living a frustration-free life?

Recognize when you need professional help

At some point, you might just have to give up and admit that you’re drowning in debt. Some might see that as admitting defeat, but here’s a more positive approach: it’s a new beginning. National debt relief programs are structured to help people in situations just like yours.

sad computer user

Thanks to these programs, you can solve your deb crisis and get back to what’s important: buying cool new stuff for your computer.
Some people are addicted to buying new stuff for their computers. $60 mouse pad? Sounds great! $800 video card to run 4K games across my multi-monitor setup? Sign me up! But if your PC addiction is getting ahold of you, then you may need professional help.

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