Malware is bad, mmkay?
But you already know that because you’re on If you’re like most PC users, then you always want to give your PC the best support possible. You want to make sure it has all the tools available.
Basically, the PC is like your child.
Okay, that might have been an exaggeration. But here’s what’s important: AV-Test, a notable independent PC security software testing company, recently released its rankings for the best PC anti-malware software of 2014.
All the software is currently available for Windows 7. Most of the programs listed have free trials that let you test it for 30 days or longer without ever inputting credit card data.

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These are the rankings for consumer anti-malware products. Below, you’ll find the rankings for corporate anti-malware software.
Leading the way in 2014 are a few notable programs, including:
-G Data
-Trend Micro
All of the above programs ranked perfect on the Protection ranking while also achieving high scores in Performance and Usability. Trend Micro, Kaspersky, Qihoo, and BitDefender all achieved a perfect score in terms of Usability.
The rankings data was collected over January/February 2014 and measured each program’s response to various threats. January/February 2014 is the most recent data available and AV Test typically releases data every two months. This is the first data set available for 2014.
2014 has seen a new range of attacks on corporate networks and average PC users. From frightening viruses like CryptoLocker to mobile malware attacks that can spread over Wi-FI, it’s a frightening time for unprotected PC users.
Here are the corporate anti-malware test results:

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As you can see, five different software programs had perfect Protection scores during that period. Here are the top three software programs, all of which achieved perfect or near-perfect scores in Protection, Performance, and Usability.
-G Data: AntiVirus Business 13.0
-Bitdefender: Endpoint Security 5.3
-Trend Micro: Office Scan 10.6
The best part about these rankings is looking at the baseline: AV Test has used Microsoft Security Essentials 4.4 as the baseline, which means it offers the minimal level of protection on Windows 7 PCs. It scored less than 1 out of 5 on the Protection rankings although it earned a perfect usability score.

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AV Test software rankings are highly regarded across the industry. High rankings in corporate anti-malware testing almost always corresponds to high rankings in consumer anti-malware testing, which is why some of the leading software programs in both categories are leading the way in terms of consumer and business user protection.
If you’re looking for effective anti-malware protection on your PC, then download any of the software programs ranked above. Or, check out PC Cleaner Pro today and permanently protect your system.
You can view full AV Test rankings here:

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