If you’ve ever bought Windows from a tech store, then you know it generally costs between $70 to $200, depending on which version you get. Well, a PC manufacturer managed to find a way around that price and sell a PC for $40.
That’s right: today we’re going to tell you about the world’s cheapest Windows PC. At a price of just $40, the Sylvania 7” WiFi Netbook easily wins that title. Check out the preview video below:

As the video explains, the netbook has an enormous (just kidding) 400MHz ARM CPU with 128MB of RAM. With those specs, it has about the same power as some of the world’s first smartphones. And I’m pretty sure my PC in the 90s had more power than that.
The 7-inch display clocks in at a measly 480×800 resolution, and the netbook should solely be used as a basic internet device – although you’ll end up looking at the mobile version of most sites.

Is it actually Windows?

Don’t expect to see Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, or even Windows XP on this bad boy. Instead, the Sylvania WiFi Netbook runs some bizarre version of Windows called Windows CE. The OS looks like Windows 95 and functions nearly the same way.


Windows CE is an official Microsoft release of Windows designed to function on the most stripped down computers. The operating system is very limited (you won’t even find MS Paint on it) and is optimized for low resource machines.
A couple decades ago, this machine would have cost tens of thousands of dollars. Today, you can get it for a couple bills.

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