On our world famous PC repair blog, we talk a lot about how PC glitches can be the early warning signs of a serious virus or hardware problem. Glitches wreak havoc on computer users around the world every single day, causing thousands of dollars of damage and millions of hours of frustration.
However, judging by a recent report, individual PC users aren’t the only ones affected by glitches and computer problems. United Airlines recently released disappointing first quarter financial results and attributed its $448 million loss to computer difficulties.
United Airlines has been hounded by computer glitches over the last year. Computer problems at the check-in counter delayed flights, removed bookings, and frustrated hundreds of thousands of passengers.
Computer difficulties weren’t the only thing that attributed to United Airlines massive first quarter loss. The rising cost of fuel posed another problem, and, as usual for the airline industry, the first three months of the year are notoriously weak in terms of air travel.
Fortunately for United, its stock won’t be drastically affected by this first quarter loss. While shares were down 3.7% at the time of writing, the $448 million loss was actually less than Wall Street analysts had predicted. The company was boosted by its recent integration with Continental Airlines.

Protecting your computer from glitches

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Whether you need a malware removal tool, a disk defragmenter, or a simple registry cleaner, programs like PC Cleaner Pro 2012 are absolutely invaluable.
All credit goes to Joshua Freed of the Aiken Standard for the original story

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