Unexpected PC resets are not really fun but a grim reality for many computer users. And these random system reboots often happen at the most inopportune times. What causes these seemingly random computer resets? Why does your PC restart out of the blue?
For starters, the issue may be related to your PC hardware. Before laying the PC reboot on hardware problems be sure to check your Device Manager for any possible errors or hardware conflicts. If any new hardware is installed try removing and reinstalling the component. Sometimes the problem could be memory related, and if this is the case you may have to change your RAM. Hardware errors can be pretty hard to fix and may be better left to a computer fixing service especially if you are unfamiliar with the various hardware components.
If your PC seems to often reset out of nowhere, the problem may not be about computer hardware at all. Sometimes a mere software error can trigger a reboot, while other times it might be caused by a truly dangerous virus attack. Windows users who use an operating system older than Windows XP may want to check if the PC restarts in Safe Mode after an unexpected shut down. Rebooting in the Safe Mode often indicates that the problem may not be software related.
What if your computer resets without warning and the issue seems to be neither hardware nor software related? Well, a very real threat exists in the form of computer viruses, which can cause repeated PC reboots. Regular PC scans are imperative and using an up-to-date antivirus program will ensure that even the emerging threats are detected early.
In some cases frequent PC resets can indicate problems with the operating system installed. The Windows troubleshooting guides can help ascertain where the error lies. Repeated computer restarts is a serious issue and getting appropriate help at the right time is key to maintaining a good system performance.

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