Brave is a web browser that could change the future of the internet. The web browser promises to be faster and safer than other conventional browsers.
Of course, every browser makes those same promises. So what makes Brave different? Brave was co-founded by former Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich. Launched in 2016, the browser wants to block malicious ads and trackers while still giving content creators a way to generate revenue.
Unlike traditional web browsers where ad blocking takes place via extension or third party tools, Brave’s ad blocking is built into the browser from the ground up. The browser also blocks trackers – including cookies and tracking pixels – to ensure sites don’t follow you around the internet.
Today, Brave is available on multiple platforms, including iOS, PC, Mac, and Android.
Privacy is one benefit of Brave, but the browser also emphasizes the importance of speed. Brave claims to offer a 40 to 60% speed increase on desktops and 2x to 4x speed increase on mobile devices. That’s because it blocks ads, scripts, and trackers – all of which add excessive seconds to a website’s load time.

Brave Features

Here are the features included in the browser:
Tracker Blocking: Brave blocks tracking pixels and cookies. You know how you’ll visit a website once, then see advertisements for that website all over the internet? Brave is designed to prevent that from happening.
HTTPS Everywhere: HTTPS Everywhere is a popular Chrome extension. That same extension is hardcoded into Brave. You enjoy HTTPS wherever possible by default, which ensures your information remains as secure as possible.
Phishing Protection: Brave will warn you before you visit a phishing website, similar to the way Chrome warns users before visiting an infected website.
Malware Filtering: Brave blocks malicious advertisements at the browser level, which means the browser never loads advertisements thought to be harmful to your PC.
Cryptocurrency Payment System: Brave recently partnered with BitGo and Coinbase to provide wallets and other payment tools for its payment system, which it calls Brave Ledger. Brave users can use Brave Ledger to anonymously donate small amounts of money to their favorite websites.
In the future, Brave may start to insert its own ads into the browser in a way that won’t affect performance. The company would insert ads only “in a few standard-sized spaces” discovered via a cloud robot, explained Eich in 2016. Those ads would also never use cookies or tracking methods. Brave would also implement an ad-sharing system, where they give a portion of ad revenue to the content creator. The sharing agreement would start with a 55/45 split before moving to a 70/30 split as Brave’s userbase grows.

Download Brave Today

You can download Brave today through
Brave is available for iOS, Android, Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X.

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