Your computer’s hard drive is the brain of your entire system. Without a fully functional hard drive, you would not be able to carry out tasks that come with an operating system. Fact of the matter is that along with the prolonged use of your computer, the hard drive starts making data slots on it. This is caused due to the various cookies, temp files and other data usage it operates under. In order to maintain a fully functional hard disk devoid of propagating errors in the future, it is highly recommended that you opt for defragmenting the hard disk at least once every two months. Carrying out a system defrag by the operating system’s default program is a long and tedious process. What you really need is a fast and more secure free defragmenter that is capable of taking care of your hard drive. This is where a third party defragmentation software comes in and helps PC users speed up the defrag process. There are a number of such third party programs available, however it is strongly recommended that you opt for one that is widely accredited in the marketplace.
One of the most well known and highly accredited third party software’s available today is that of Advanced Defrag that offers users with ability of scheduling and defragmenting their hard drive as and when they need it. While Advanced Defrag is not a freeware product, it is highly advised due to the fact that is offers more system stability and better control over hard disk partitions that no other free defragmenter is able to provide. Some of the features of Advanced Defrag include auto-defrag, scheduling fragmentation sessions and controlling hard disk space partitions. Compared to other system programs, Advanced Defrag allows PC users to fragment one partition at a time. This helps save up on system processes while users are working without affecting the quality of the PC. While working with the program, users will be able to opt for two methods of fragmentation. One – to defrag only and other to defrag and optimize. Once the defragmentation is done, users will be able to analyze their system specs so as to help them find out which drive and which partition has saved up on space. With the help of the color based legend, users are able to read the system hard drive as an algorithm and will help them find damaged sectors. As long as the color legend stays green, users have nothing to worry about.
While the system is defragmenting the hard drive in the auto-defrag mode, the program shows its disk usage and CPU usage as the system is working. Additionally, it offers users with the option to pause defragmentation when the CPU usage crosses a threshold which can be adjusted. What’s more is that users will also be able to start the auto-defrag as and when the computer system remains idle for adjustable periods of time. If you are looking out for a way via which you can get your hard disk defragmented in a professional and secure way, Advanced Defrag is certainly what you need to get.

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