Have you ever thought to yourself, “I need 500GB of online storage space”? If so, then an announcement made by Dropbox today will make you happy. The online cloud storage website released a 500GB storage plan that costs approximately $49.99 per month.
The 500GB storage plan eclipses previous plans which ran at 100GB and 50GB. The 100GB plan cost $19.99 per month and the 50GB plan cost $9.99.
The announcement also revealed another important bit of news: Dropbox would be doubling storage capacities for all paying customers. Which means that those 100GB and 50GB plans we just mentioned will be increasing to 200GB and 100GB, respectively, at no cost to the user.
This was likely done in an effort to keep up with competitors like Microsoft SkyDrive and Google Drive. The cloud storage industry has been heating up in recent months, and in an effort to draw customers away from competitors, every company is slashing prices and raising storage space – all of which is good news for consumers.
What is Dropbox? If you’re not already using Dropbox, then you’re missing out on one of the most convenient shared storage space services online. Users can go to Dropbox.com to sign up for a free account, after which they’ll be awarded with 2GB of free online storage space. Users can also increase the amount of storage space they receive by referring other users. Users earn 500MB for every user referred up to a limit of 18GB.
After signing up for an account, you can download Dropbox apps on your iPhone or create a special Dropbox folder on your PC. It’s a very useful tool for those who use multiple PCs and need to work with the same information across all of them. Any changes made to the Dropbox file will be reflected across all Dropbox folders. And, best of all, Dropbox folders can even be accessed while your computer is offline. After reconnecting to the internet, Dropbox will synch local files with those on its online server.
Do you use Dropbox? Are you a paying customer, or do you just use a free account? Let us know what you think of Dropbox’s latest announcement in our comments section!

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