In case you missed the memo, Battlefield One is coming out next month. To celebrate the release of the WW1 shooter, EA decided to make Christmas come early: EA is giving away all five DLC expansions for Battlefield 4 for free.
That’s right: all five DLCs are totally free. EA has charged the full price for each DLC in the past ($15 per pack, or a $60 season’s pass). As far as we know, they’ve never offered a deal like this before on any version of Battlefield – so this is a big deal.

What’s the Catch?

There are only two real “catches” with this deal are:
-You need to claim it before Monday, September 19
-You need to already own the base Battlefield 4 game (it’s available for about $20 on Amazon)
In case you haven’t already played Battlefield 4, now is the time to try it out. The game released with quite a few problems (do you remember when servers crashed every time the skyscraper fell on Siege of Shanghai?). Ever since the release, however, the game has steadily improved – and it remains one of the world’s most popular shooters to this day even 3 years after its release.

How to Claim the Offer

You can claim your Battlefield 4 DLC for free today online at the Origin store at (the offer is all over the front page).
Origin, conveniently enough, is also having a 50% off sale on certain promo games – including The Sims 4 and certain Star Wars Battlefront Content.
All of the Battlefield 4 DLC, however, is “on the house”, including the following content:
-Final Stand
-Dragon’s Teeth
-Naval Strike
-China Rising
-Second Assault
Oddly enough, all of the Battlefield 3 DLC remains pricey – it’s $15 per pack. Same with Battlefield Bad Company 2 DLC – a game that’s nearly 8 years old.

Titanfall DLC is Also Free

EA is also giving away its Titanfall DLC for free. While the Battlefield 4 giveaway is being seen as an act of generosity, the Titanfalll DLC is being viewed as “a desperate move to sustain the game’s withering multiplayer community”, according to one PC news website.
That Titanfall DLC includes IMC Rising, Frontier’s Edge, Expedition, and a Season Pass – all available for free through Origin.

Will the Battlefield 4 Giveaway Backfire and Push People Away from Battlefield One?

Do you think this might backfire on EA?
I don’t know about you, but I never purchased Battlefield 4 – and I’ve played every single Battlefield game since 1942. Maybe I’ll wait to purchase Battlefield One until the price drops – or until EA releases all its BF1 DLC for free for that game.
Why would I pay $70 for a game (plus $60 to $75 for DLC) when I can wait a couple years and get it all for $20?
Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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