Lo and behold, here comes another dubious browser extension called Privatesearch Exension. As per the researchers, this browser is designed to modify your browser’s settings, specifically, search-related settings. This program was solely created for Google Chrome, and is considered as a browser hijacker. It has the ability to change the default homepage of our browser and can replace the new tab with some yahoo search engine which contains ads from unknown adware server that can compromise your computer, so you got to remove it in any way you can.

Just like most malwares and adware, this program was made by an anonymous developer, so there’s only a handful of information about it. Previously, it was featured on the Chrome Web Store and goes by the names, PrivSrch and SrchWWS, but was removed due to user complaints. As for now, it is uncertain if it’s still being distributed, but the possibility of it being bundled with other unknown third-party installers is most likely. If you decide to try and install free software online, beware, for there might be a catch; a catch that can install Privatesearch Extension unto your browser without you knowing. Most websites that offer free software download, often has a bundled package, so when installing a free software downloaded online, you should keep an eye on the installation process so as not to be deceived by the unwanted program that accompanies your free software.
Privatesearch Extension is a tool that is said to independently search the internet and control your Google Chrome browser since it can change your start page and new tabs with a modified yahoo search engine. One look at this case and you may think it’s harmless and could do you no damage, well you’re wrong. Shady browser extensions like this could lead you to another worse predator that gathers information about you, thus, putting your security at risk. According to researchers, if you have Privatesearch Extension in your computer, it retrieves ads from an ad server called yutksd25.club and pops up whenever you browse the web. This could be an issue since there’s no information about yutksd25.club and there’s no proof if it is legit ad server or just another scam to lure you along the way. Note that this browser extension and the modified yahoo search engine can gather non-personally identifiable information such as your IP address, browsing history, common queries you search in the internet, your internet service provider and other information that can be found on your browser. They use all these information to display advertisements that may somewhat be in line with your interests to increase the developers’ revenue on advertisements and their partners.
Here are the 4 easy steps on how to remove Privatesearch Exension
Step 1: Launch Google Chrome.
Step 2: Key in Alt+F then select More tools.
Step 3: Look for Privatesearch Exension and click Remove.
Step 4: Close Google Chrome.

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