What is the Privacyassistant.net?

Privacyassistant.net is the page that is mainly set as your homepage if a certain browser hijackers has been installed into your computer inadvertently or purposely. Though it’s  not malicious in the sense that it will not harm your computer, however,  it will make unwanted alterations to your browser and Privacyassistant.net make an attempt to reroute you to sponsored pages that could be containing malicious contents. This is not unusual as all browser hijackers are similarly aim to do the same thing and that is to generate traffic for sponsored websites in order to make money out of it. They can easily infect a computer if the users do not pay close attention to details on  how they install freeware and completely miss the hijacker being attached to that software. While the hijacker itself is not harmful, however, the websites where you may be redirected to could be dangerous. Hijackers do not filter through the websites they expose you to so most likely you may end up on some infected or malicious page where malware could be lurking. So we strongly suggest you completely get rid of the Privacyassistant.net.

Browser hijackers are distributed with the help of freeware as well as through shareware. Privacyassistant.net could possibly  attached to some free program you get from the Internet and you missed it when you installed that program. So next time when you install any software into your compute, don’t forget to  pay close attention to the process and read all the information provided. It should be clearly disclosed if anything has been attached but many users hurry through this process and that is how they inadvertently get the infection. If  given as an option, opt for the Advanced (Custom) settings for this allows you deselect the added items. This will basically  prevent some added items from installing and you will not have to eliminate Privacyassistant.net or similar threats in the future.

Versions of the Privacyassistant.net virus

Ext.privacyassistant.net. This is another version of the browser hijacker which is identical to the original version of the search engine. It has the similar design, features and even the infiltration method. After the hijacking, it mainly sets its domain as default search engine or/and homepage setting. It might also change new tab URL address and annoyingly disrupt browsing sessions by displaying intrusive and pesky online ads.
Ext.privacyassistant.net removal is crucial in order to claim  back the control over your browser. However, it might be a bit difficult and complicated because the PUP might modify browser’s settings and install various third-party components to strengthen its presence into your browser.
Search.privacyassistant.net. This is search tool that differs from ext.privacyassistant.net and privacyassistant.net but only by its domain. The hijacker is  also distributed  through the SearchAssist extension and might also modify browser’s settings. After the hijacking, users can no longer  access any reliable search provider from the browser’s startup page; since they are forced to utilize the search.privacyassistant.net.
However, similar to the original version, this search tool might also shows paid links at the top of the results page and could definitely trick users into clicking and visiting potentially dangerous websites. Therefore, hijacker’s removal is crucial and is a must-do.

How does Privacyassistant.net sneak into the  computer?

Privacyassistant.net will be set as your default homepage and new tabs if you allow it to download and install into your computer. It will basically hijack all your browsers such as the Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox  and make unwanted modifications. These changes will be carried out without your consent and you will be unable to undo them unless you first eliminate the Privacyassistant.net from your system.  Once you  notice that Privacyassistant.net has appeared, you should  absolutely avoid from using it. Browser hijackers primarily aim to generate money by redirecting you to sponsored pages and they do not care if the pages are safe or not. They could be harboring malware and if you were to enter such a page, you might end up downloading that malware and eventually damage your computer. There are much more reliable search engines out there, and you should not trust one that entered your computer without your knowledge and consent. You have to get rid of  Privacyassistant.net completely.
Despite all these circumstances we  highly recommend you to completely eliminate Virus, Privacyassistant.net immediately. You can do it without much efforts with our recommended  special tool – Anti-Malware by SpyRemover Pro.

Use an anti-malware program

We recommend using SpyRemover Pro,  a highly effective and widely used malware removal program to clean your computer of Privacyassistant.net. In addition to Privacyassistant.net, this program can detect and remove the latest variants of other malware.
SpyRemover Pro has an intuitive user interface that is easy to use. To get rid of Privacyassistant.net, the first step is to install it, scan your computer, and remove the threat.

You can perform a full system scan through the recommended anti-malware tool SpyRemover Pro.

  1. Turn your PC on. Once it’s on, you  need to reboot
  2. Then, the BIOS screen will show up, however, if Windows pops up instead, you will need to  reboot your computer and try one more time. Once the BIOS screen is on, repeatedly press F8, to open the Advanced Option and shows up.

3. Use the arrow keys to navigate the Advanced Option and  then choose the Safe Mode with Networking then click it.
4. The Safe Mode with Networking will then be loaded.
5. Kindly press and hold both R key and Windows key together.

6. The Windows Run Box will appear if it is done correctly.
7.Type in explorer http://www.fixmypcfree.com/install/spyremoverpro
There should be a single space  in between explorer and http. Hit OK.
8. There, appear a dialog box by Internet Explorer. Click Run to start downloading SpyRemover Pro. It will automatically start the installation once it’s done downloading

9. Simply launch the  SpyRemover Pro by clicking OK.
10. Hit  Run button to run  SpyRemover Pro and perform a full system scan thereafter.

11. Once all the infection has been detected and identified, click REMOVE ALL.

12. Invest into the SpyRemover Pro program to further protect your computer from future threats.

Why is automatic removal more recommendable?

  1. You know only one virus name: “Privacyassistant.net”, but the truth is you have infected by a bunch of viruses.
    The SpyRemover Pro program detects this threat and all others.
  2. SpyRemover Pro is quite fast! You need only few minutes to check your PC.
  3. SpyRemover Pro  uses the special features to remove hard in removal viruses. If you remove a virus manually, it can prevent deleting using a self-protecting module, it takes hours and may damage your PC. If you even delete the virus, it may recreate himself by a stealthy module which you don’t want.
  4. SpyRemover Pro is  compatible with any antivirus.
  5. SpyRemover Pro is convenient to use.


Preventive Security Measures

  • Enable and properly configure your Firewall.
  • Install and maintain reliable anti-malware software.
  • Secure your web browser.
  • Check regularly for available software updates and apply them.
  • Disable macros in Office documents.
  • Use strong passwords.
  • Don’t open attachments or click on links unless you’re certain they’re safe.
  • Backup regularly your data.


“use a one click solution like SpyRemover Pro”

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