Frustrated with having to search your computer in and out just to locate the file you worked on yesterday? Well, fret no more, because the solution is as simple as organizing your folder structure better. Apparently, this glitch-free trick that saves you tons of time is also something that is often overlooked by most computer users.
Why Organize your Filing System
For starters a structured filing system saves you hours spent locating a program, media file, or document. But that’s not all. Organizing your files and installing programs in individual folders optimizes computer speeds and keeps it performing to the highest standard. And perhaps the most significant benefit is that you can now easily backup specific files and programs. This is key to preventing data loss and the time and money you may have to spend on data recovery in the event of a system crash.
What File Organization Entails
Follow these tips to organize your filing system, increase speed, and save more than just time.
– Folder Structure: The first step is to get into the habit of maintaining individual folders for all your documents and media files. Organizing files by file type or function can greatly enhance computer performance since it reduces file fragmentation and saves time.
– Making the most of the Documents Folder: You could use user-specific folders such as the Documents folder and the Music folder for files within either category. Storing files in the Documents folder also helps maintain document security by limiting access and modification rights especially if multiple users handle the same computer.
– Program Installation: When installing new software it is recommended that you create a new sub-folder within the Program Files folder within the C: drive. Never install programs directly within the main drive
– Naming Right: Naming your files is as important as organizing them. Use meaningful and recognizable to help you identify documents quickly.
– Maintain a Clean Desktop: A clutter-free Desktop is vital to improving PC performance. Never save files directly to the desktop, even if you intend to move them later. This can often create file fragments and slow your processor so create individual folders before downloading documents or videos.

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