If your PC has been display strange, random errors lately, then it may be the result of a number of different things. However, sometimes the easiest way to fix these errors is to install updated drivers for all your devices. Even if your PC is running perfectly, it’s a good idea to update your hardware components. These drivers have a number of different benefits:
Security updates: Drivers can make your PC more secure by keeping up to date with the latest threats and security issues. While it’s important for all devices to receive these updates, it’s particularly vital for your motherboard and your wireless card. Sometimes, your wireless card may not have updated drivers, in which case your motherboard would be the next best device to update.
Keep in mind that security updates are especially important with older devices, in which backdoors and loopholes become more susceptible to viruses and hackers with age.
Performance enhancement: Many drivers increase your computer’s performance. With technology, software, and browsers changing every day, your computer’s hardware must make certain changes to keep up.
If you use your PC to play video games, then updating your drivers should be a frequent occurrence. Video card, motherboard, and other updates will sometimes fix your PC to allow it to play a certain game.
Depending on your video card manufacturer, certain driver updates may even enhance your PC’s performance in a specific game. This is particularly common if the game is popular. If your video card has been performing worse than expected in a certain game, then updating your driver may be the easiest way to fix it.
Newer is not always better: Keep in mind that not all driver updates will fix your PC. If a driver update is still in beta, it means that it has not been completely tested or finalized. If your computer is running perfectly fine without it, then you should refrain from downloading the driver until it has been approved for everyone.
On the other hand, some beta driver updates are designed specifically to fix your problem. If a recent Windows update has crippled your system, for example, then the manufacturer may release a hardware driver update to fix the problem. Since the update has only been designed for a select group of users, it may still have the ‘beta’ tag attached to it.
Windows driver updates: Perhaps the most important updates are the ones that you receive from Microsoft. Usually, these will be downloaded to your PC automatically. These will help cover up security holes and enhance your performance, and are central to the operation of your PC.

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