A few days ago it was revealed that the infamous Flame virus used bogus Microsoft Security Certificates in order to gain access to user’s computers. Users would accidentally download the file from a website, thinking it was something else. Then, before the users could suspect something was wrong, Microsoft would erroneously tell them that the file was safe and had been approved through their security certificate system.
Fortunately, Microsoft immediately patched this security flaw as soon as it was discovered.
However, PC security experts are now saying that this was only one way in which Flame tricked users into infecting their own systems. The other – even more dangerous way – was through bogus Windows security updates.
Essentially, Flame was able to hack into the Windows Update system and inject it with its own 20MB virus package. Then, when PC users would try to update their systems, they would be infected with the virus instead.
This was one part of Flame’s three-pronged approach to attacking computers. The three prongs – known as Snack, Much, and Gadget, collectively tricked infected computers into downloading Windows Updates from a fake web server. For all intents and purposes, this looked like a legitimate Windows update. Since users couldn’t tell the difference, they immediately downloaded the update, thinking that it would fix their computer’s problems.
Flame is believed to be the first virus to successfully trick the Windows Update server into relaying viruses to its users. This has boggled PC security experts, since hacking into the Windows Update system requires a high degree of expertise. This is why major antivirus companies like Kaspersky are so confused by it.

What can Flame do to an infected computer?

Flame seems to get more dangerous every day. If your computer has been infected by Flame, then the virus can control every aspect of your computer. It can read your emails, monitor your web traffic, and see everything you’re typing. Frighteningly enough, it can even hack into your webcam and microphone in order to record what you are doing.
A virus like Flame has never been seen in the PC security world before, and this has left consumers scrambling to find effective antivirus protection. No free antivirus program can defeat Flame, and your best bet is to choose advanced antivirus programs like Comodo Antivirus. Comodo is fast, easy-to-use, and incredibly effective against viruses. It’s also available at a fantastically low price.

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