Rockstar is actively developing the next instalment in the Grand Theft Auto series.
According to most reports, the studio hasn’t yet picked a location for GTA 6. However, some reports indicate that the game is set in Tokyo.
All early rumors about GTA 6 so far come from Techradar, which cites an insider source at the company.
Techradar claims that Rockstar won’t actually be using Tokyo for GTA 6. The company once heavily considered using Tokyo as their next location, but was put off by the complicated, problematic, and inefficient road system in the world’s largest city.
The Tokyo rumor isn’t new: Rockstar was purportedly considering Tokyo way back around the time of GTA Vice City. Instead of going to Tokyo, Rockstar went to San Andreas.
In fact, Rockstar was so serious about using Tokyo as a location that they flew developers all the way across the Pacific Ocean to explore potential locations.
San Andreas came out 10 years ago. Every GTA game released ever since has been set in America. Could a journey outside of America be a refreshing change for Rockstar and GTA Fans?

A US-Based Setting is Likely

To date, all Grand Theft Auto games ever made have been set in the United States (or some fictionalized version of the United States). There was one expansion for the original GTA set in London, but that’s it.
gta 6
Could a London return be next? Or would traveling outside of America be a bad thing for Rockstar? After all, the company has made an entire series out of satirizing the very best and worst that America has to offer.
And of course, countries outside of America may not have the same car models and fake brands as we’ve seen in the GTA series to date.

GTA Online Might Delay GTA 6 for a Long Time

GTA Online has experienced unprecedented growth and revenue since launch. Last year alone, GTA Online earned Rockstar $500 million in microtransactions – a figure that no other online game even comes close to.
Rockstar has continued to tweak and improve GTA Online, so it’s likely that the success of GTA Online has pushed back the release date and development of GTA 6 by at least a little bit.

GTA 6 Release Date and Location Rumors

GTA 6 is a long way away. Many people claim that the next instalment in the popular series will be released at the same time as the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two. Both consoles are rumored to have full VR support, and GTA 6 could implement that from the ground-up.
gta tokyo 2
They’re also rumored to be released between 2018 and 2020.
In terms of location rumors, we’ve seen all sorts of different places floated around, including:
-Las Vegas (GTA: Sin City has been a rumor for years)
-Chicago (GTA has never really been there)
-Mexico City (or some other major city in Mexico)
Basically, you can just start listing major world cities at this point…because none of us know where the next GTA will take place.
What do you think is the best location for the next Grand Theft Auto?

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