Every week, it seems like we’re telling you about some new hacking attack where thousands of passwords were leaked online. This week is no exception: 13,000 Amazon, Walmart, and Brazzers passwords have been leaked online over the past few days, and users are already reporting mysterious purchases appearing on their accounts.
Hackers claim to be affiliated with Anonymous. Over the past week, they’ve stolen passwords from all of the following networks and websites:
-Xbox Live
-Playstation Network
-Digital Playground
There were also a handful of other porn sites included in the leak.
A total of 13,000 username and password combinations have been stolen so far. That may not seem like a lot compared to some of the leaks which contain “millions” of passwords, but remember this: these are username and password combinations. Obviously, it’s much easier to infiltrate an account when you have both required pieces of information.
The username and password combinations were all shared on Ghostbin.com, although the list has now been taken down.
As for the motive? Anonymous did it for the lulz:
anonymous hacking
Another hacking group, Lizard Squad, was responsible for the attack that brought down Xbox Live and the Playstation Network on Christmas Day, affecting 48 million Xbox users and 110 million PlayStation users around the world. Lizard Squad is unrelated to Anonymous, so these were two separate attacks.

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