If your computer is getting old, then you might be worried about defects. After all, hardware defects usually don’t surface until a few years after a computer has been purchased. If your computer has been noticeably slowing down lately, then you might be preparing for the worst.
In most cases, a slow computer is just a sign that your PC will need repairs soon. In order to be financially prepared for this situation, you might be wondering how much a PC repair usually costs. So, how much will your average PC repair cost?
The price of PC repair can vary drastically. The reason that PC repairs can vary so widely in price is because there are so many components that can break within your computer. There are plenty of different pieces of hardware and software that all contribute to a fast and efficient PC, and, depending on which component has broken down, repairs can vary from $2 to $800.
In most cases, the computer repair shop will not be able to give you an estimate until they take a look inside your computer. If it was your hard drive that caused the failure, the repair might only cost one hundred dollars. However, if the motherboard or power supply has failed, then the costs of repairing your PC might be more than the cost of a new PC itself.

Save money by repairing your own PC

In order to save money, it’s always best to perform the repairs yourself whenever possible. For example, if you find out that you just need to replace the hard drive, you can find many tutorials on how to do this simply by performing a quick Google search. Despite what your computer repair service provider might tell you, PC repair is not as difficult as you may think. If you can follow a guided set of instructions, then you should have no problem completing simple repairs on your PC.
The best part about repairing a PC yourself is the fact that you’ll be able to order parts online for a lower price than you would get at the repair shop. Repair shops often inflate the cost of basic PC components in an effort to squeeze a little extra money out of your pockets. Meanwhile, the online PC parts industry is very competitive, and it’s easy to find the lowest price possible by looking at some of today’s leading computer parts websites.
And, of course, by repairing your computer yourself, you won’t be charged a service fee. Whether you own a laptop or a desktop, replacing a component like your hard drive, memory, or video card is relatively straightforward. If you have a few hours to dedicate to learning a new skill, then PC repair is one of those skills that can save you a ton of money in the future.

Software repairs

One of the best ways to repair your own computer is to invest in a software repair program. Programs like PC Cleaner Pro 2012 offer incredible value and numerous support tools. If your computer is experiencing software problems, as opposed to hardware difficulties, then performing a scan with PC Cleaner Pro 2012 may be the only fix that you have to make.

There comes a point when you should just purchase a new PC

If you get your repair estimate back and it is more than five hundred dollars, then it may be a good idea to purchase a new computer. New computers have become very affordable, and you can get a fairly good quality computer for under $700. With the price of computer components dropping every day, a computer you spent $1000 on three years ago may only be worth $250 today. In many cases, it simply isn’t worth it to invest in repairs on an older PC – especially since other problems could appear in the near future.

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