If you’re an Android user, then you’ve probably encountered Google Now already. Google Now is Android’s answer to Siri – if Siri was a little smarter and didn’t mind monitoring everything you ever did on your smartphone.
Well, if you can’t get enough of Google Now on your Android, then it’s time to experience what Google Now is like on your browser. That’s right: Google decided to release Google Now onto the Chrome Web Store.
The Google Now extension brings the unique style of Google Now to your Chrome browser. The new tab page takes on a totally new look filled with information that Google Now thinks you want to know. As you can see from this picture, the newfangled Google Now page also features a search bar:


The long-awaited iGoogle replacement

I don’t know about you, but I was a big fan of iGoogle, which is soon going to be completely deleted by Google. For a long time, Google never said what iGoogle’s replacement would be. Well, now it looks like we have the answer: iGoogle looks very similar to Google Now and displays much of the same information, including:
-Recent webpages
-That’s actually it for now, but users can customize Google Now by adding more apps and extensions to Chrome
Anyways, you can install Google Now for Chrome today by clicking here to visit the Chrome Web Store.

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