Chrome is arguably the world’s most popular internet browser.
If you’re one of millions of Chrome users around the world, then you undoubtedly know the ‘new tab’ screen.
The new tab screen pops up every time you open a new tab (like when you press Ctrl+T). Over the past few Chrome updates, that screen has sometimes been blank, featured a Google Search box, or let you click on your most popular webpages.
The latest Chrome update displays a Google Search box over top of your 8 most popular webpages. In the top right corner, you can click on various Google services like Plus, Search, Images, and more. You can also customize desktop notifications.
Unfortunately, this screen is extremely boring and, for some people, it’s distracting. Maybe you don’t want your boss to know that “Facebook”, “Twitter”, and “Neopets” are your top 3 most visited webpages. Or maybe you just want to see a nice view when you open a new tab.

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Step by Step Guide

Whatever you want, we’ve got a solution for you. It’s called Momentum and it will completely change your ‘new tab’ screen:
Step 1) Download Momentum for free from the Chrome Web Store. It’s a Google Chrome extension, which means it won’t be downloaded like a typical program. Click the download button, click through any confirmation dialogue that pops up, and Chrome will do the rest of the work for you.
Step 2) Once Momentum is finished installing, open a new tab in Chrome by pressing Ctrl+T.
Step 3) Wow! What a view. Momentum will now ask for your name and your focus for the day. You’ll also see a minimalistic weather icon in the top right corner and a ‘to do’ list in the lower left corner.

That’s it! Momentum features a to-do list, weather data, an inspirational quote, and an awesome view. This isn’t a complicated app, but if you use the internet as much as I do, you’re going to be seeing that extension a lot.momentum

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