If you’ve been on the internet for more than five minutes, then you’ve probably realized there are things out there that children are probably not meant to see. If you want to keep your family protected, then you’ll be happy to know that Windows 8 has some useful family safety features.
However, like most things in Windows 8, it’s not immediately clear how to activate and customize family safety features. Today, we’ll show you how to safeguard your computer and protect your children from the dangers of the internet.

How the Family Safety features work

Thanks to Windows 8’s Family Safety features, you can:
-Limit web browsing to age-appropriate sites
-Blacklist specific websites or whitelist a certain few allowed websites
-Impose time limits on computer usage
-Lock out the PC during certain hours of the day (say, when the parents are at work and unable to supervise)
-Control which apps can be played
-Limit app purchasing
Step by step guide to turning on Family Safety features
Step 1) Open the Charms Bar by mousing over to the right hand side of the screen or by pressing Windows Key + C.
Step 2) Click Change PC Settings
Step 3) Click Users and then Add a user
Step 4) At this point, you can choose whether to create a new user or add an existing user. You will want to add an existing user if your kids already have a Microsoft account (for example, if they use Xbox Live). If you’d rather not worry about setting up an account, and the PC is the only one your kid will be using, then you can also simply choose Local account
Step 5) Check the box marked Is this a child’s account? Then, click Finish.
Step 6) Configure the blocks, limits, and filters as you wish. If you need further explanation of what each filter means, check out Microsoft’s Windows help website, which provides a thorough explanation here.
Once you’ve setup filters, your family will be protected from the internet or whatever other parts of the computer you want to protect.

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