If you live a private life, then you don’t want people snooping through your stuff. In fact, most people would agree that having somebody look through personal emails just isn’t cool. So how do you make sure that nobody will ever look through your emails ever again? Encryption, of course!
Encryption is something that everybody should do but few people actually take the time to do it. Well, thanks to a new extension for Chrome, encrypting Gmail emails has never been easier.
The extension is called (appropriately) SafeGmail. It encrypts messages on your computer and decrypts them on the recipient’s computer when they’re ready to be read. However, when the messages aren’t being read by the intended recipient, they remain completely encrypted and invulnerable to attack.
How does the email know it’s reached its intended recipient? The person receiving the message has to enter a special code. Without that code, they cannot read the message. It’s that simple. You can tell the recipient the code face-to-face or you can text it to them, call them, or however other way you want to contact them. The point is – sending and receiving messages is much safer thanks to this extension.
Although the extension is called SafeGmail, it will work with any email service on the recipient’s computer. Yes, you have to be using Gmail, but your recipient can use any email service or provider and the message will remain protected.
Here’s how to use SafeGmail to protect the emails you send and receive:
Step 1) Open Google Chrome
Step 1) Visit the SafeGmail extension page at the Chrome store
Step 2) Simply click the ‘Add to Chrome’ button

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