Unfollowing someone on Twitter is the equivalent of slapping them in the face and then strutting in the opposite direction during the middle of a conversation. Okay, maybe it’s not that intense, but a Twitter unfollow is a pretty clear signal that someone didn’t like something you just said.
Sometimes, knowing who just unfollowed you can be useful. If, for example, you want to hunt that person down, grab them by the shoulders, shake them, and demand why they would ever do such a thing, you can now do that thanks to a helpful new tool called Qwitter.
The cleverly named Qwitter helps people discover who just unfollowed them. And it does so in an incredibly easy and intuitive way.

Here’s how to set up Qwitter:

Step 1) Sign up for Qwitter here. I recommend trying a free $0/month plan just for fun, and if you consider Twitter to be serious business, then there are $2/month plans once your free trial ends
Step 2) Wait a week
Step 3) Receive your first unfollow report in your email inbox. Qwitter delivers weekly unfollow reports to your email reporting exactly how many users just unfollowed you.
Step 4) In this email, you can see exactly which users unfollowed you. Helpfully, the email also includes the description of these Twitter profiles along with the ability to mark these followers under certain classifications, including: person, spammer, or follow bot.
Obviously, losing follows from real people hurts more than losing follows from spammers and follow bots.
As these results are tracked over time, you can see exactly how bad (or good) you are at the Twitter game. The first 30 days are free and it’s $2 per month after that. It’s up to you whether  Qwitter is worth it, but the free 30 day trial is a fun way to keep track of your – even if you have as few followers as I do.
Check out Qwitter today here

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