More and more people are using their PCs as an entertainment hub. If you have a disk drive on your computer, then you could be using that drive to play music, movies, games, and more. Unfortunately, that drive can sometimes stop working, which can put a sudden and disastrous end to your entertainment.
Fortunately, there are several easy ways to fix your disk drive. Using these methods, you can get back to enjoying yourself as soon as possible.

My CD or DVD drive won’t open

If you keep pushing the eject button on your disk drive and nothing is happening, then there is a very easy way to fix the problem. Look at the front of your disk drive. There should be a tiny hole somewhere along the front. If you insert a small object into that hole, it will disengage the lock on the drive, allowing you to easily slide out the disk tray. You can even use this method to continue using the drive for years into the future.

My CD or DVD drive doesn’t do anything when I put a disk in

One of the most frustrating problems with a disk drive can be its lack of response to a new disk. No matter how hard you try, or how many times you slide the tray open, nothing seems to happen. If that is the case, you first need to check if your computer is recognizing the disk at all. Open up the ‘My Computer’ folder and look for the disk under the ‘Devices With Removable Storage’ category. If you see your disk there, then the ‘autorun’ function may have simply been disabled, but your disk drive is still functioning properly.
Meanwhile, if you can’t see your disk under this menu, then that implies a more serious problem. You may have to open up your PC case and ensure the wire that runs between your disk drive and your motherboard is firmly connected at each end. Of course, if you’re not comfortable taking apart your computer in order to fix it, then you’re better off taking it to a PC repair shop.

Alternative solution: fix your disk drive software

Sometimes, your computer does not recognize a disk because it doesn’t have the correct software installed, or the existing software is corrupted, damaged, or broken. If that is the case, then you should perform a scan with a computer maintenance program like PC Cleaner All-In-One. A program like this allows you to quickly and easily scan for errors, and can eliminate many of the common problems that affect all areas of your computer.
For these reasons, we recommend that you perform a scan before you attempt any of the more serious methods listed here. Fast, easy, and effective, a program like PC Cleaner All-In-One is an absolute lifesaver.

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