It is very unfortunate to have a computer that won’t start. After all, you probably have lots of work to do and can’t afford for your computer to be down. Unfortunately, thousands of computers break down every single day. In spite of this disheartening news, the solution to your computer problems may be very easy to find. Today, we’re going to teach you a few ways to fix a PC that won’t start.
One of the first things you should do when your computer doesn’t start is take note of what the computer is doing. Try to listen for any sounds that the computer is making and make sure that the screen isn’t blinking. If you hear a clicking sound, it is probably because your hard drive is broken. Your computer won’t start if your hard drive is broken because this is how the computer accesses the operating system. Without the hard drive, the computer has no way to communicate with objects such as your monitor, mouse, or keyboard.
If your computer will turn on but only flickers odd colors, it could be a sign that your motherboard is fried. A fried motherboard usually makes the computer act irregularly by producing odd graphical effects. The only way to fix a fried motherboard is to get a new one. Even though motherboards do cost a lot of money, they usually cost less than buying a completely new computer
In some instances, a computer won’t turn on because of a deadly virus. If you download a lot of files from sources that aren’t secure, this could be the reason that your computer is in the state it’s in.
Once you have determined why your computer isn’t starting, you need to either order parts for it or take it to a computer repair shop. If you feel comfortable following instructions, it can be quite easy to replace a computer’s hard drive. Some manufacturers even encourage home replacement of hard drives by providing consumers with easy access to the hard drive bay.
Now that you’ve learned how to fix a PC that won’t start, you should be able to get back to doing what you love. For an all-in-one solution to your computer repair problems, check out PC Cleaner Pro 2012.

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