Ever since electronics have been invented, mankind has been struggling to safeguard their prized possessions against water damage. Just one drop of the conductive liquid can short circuit an entire electronic system, and smartphones seem to be particularly vulnerable.
To make matters worse, cellphone manufacturers almost always include a thin pH strip inside the casing of the phone which will change color in the event of water damage. If the pH strip has been activated, then the phone is outside of warranty protection because it has been damaged by water.
If you’ve ever had to fix a water-damaged PC, phone, or other electronic device, then you know how frustrating it can be. Fortunately, a new technology appears to be able to safeguard your phone against water damage.
No, it’s not another high-tech, military-grade casing for your iPhone. Instead, it’s a powerful new coating gel that can be applied directly onto the motherboard and other electronic components. The gel is non-flammable and is neither toxic nor dangerous to your phone in any way.
The technology, which is currently in development by Daikin Industries, could revolutionize the smartphone industry as we know it. Water-proofing a phone could be a significant selling feature for consumers. While the gel probably won’t allow you to take iPhone photos of your friends underwater, it could help your phone stay safe when it’s raining heavily outside.
That being said, Daikin Industries has suggested that their new gel could help your phone survive in a pool, like if your friend suddenly decides to push you in. In that sense, waterproof phones may not be too far off the market.
Applying the coating is easy, and it looks like something out of a futuristic movie. The electronic component is simply dropped into a jar of gel. As the gel attaches itself to the chip, it thickly solidifies.
Daikin Industries plans to complete testing and production of the gel in time for a December 2012 release. If the industrial giant manages to sign a deal with some of the world’s biggest smartphone companies, expect your toys to be a lot safer in the near future.
However, Daikin says that no deal has been signed as of yet. Whether you’re looking to fix a computer or a cellphone from water damage, this is great news for consumers.

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