The DNS Changer virus is one of those weird malware infections that can cause serious problems for users. Unlike other types of malware, the DNS Changer virus redirects a PC’s entire internet connection to a rogue DNS server. After the malware infection was discovered last year, FBI agents shut down the rogue DNS server, leaving hundreds of thousands of infected users with no internet access.
As a temporary short-term solution, the FBI started up replacement DNS servers, allowing the infected PC users to access the internet. On July 9, Monday, the FBI is shutting those DNS servers down.
That will immediately leave over half a million infected computers without internet access. You might not have known that your PC was infected, but if your internet suddenly drops out on July 9, then you know that it was the DNS Changer virus at work.
Fortunately, you can fix the DNS Changer virus by following a few easy steps. The full process has been outlined by CNET here. There, you’ll find how to repair the DNS Changer on Macs and PCs.
If that step-by-step PC repair guide doesn’t work, then you can always try contacting a computer phone support company such as My Cured Computer or downloading PC Cleaner Pro. As one of the best PC repair software programs on the market today, PC Cleaner Pro is changing the way people approach tech support problems. Cheaper than Geek Squad and more robust than antivirus software, PC Cleaner Pro has everything you need to fix thousands of different PC problems.

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