Windows 8 reviews are starting to appear online, and so far, the operating system has been doing fairly well. Most reviewers aren’t calling Windows 8 revolutionary, but they are being impressed by its new usability features and commitment to seamless integration across all devices.
However, one person isn’t too impressed by Windows 8. That person is an ex-employee who launched a website called Fixing Windows 8. Although the website is currently offline, it previously took shots at Windows 8 in all of its blog posts. It refuted the idea that Windows 8 would be Microsoft’s most usable operating system, and the blog would occasionally feature videos of people struggling to use Windows 8.
The blog is run by ex-employee Mike Bibik, who was in charge of the user interface design in past versions of Windows. In the blog’s first post, Bibik writes, “Microsoft made it very clear that Windows 8 will work fantastically if you are using touch, mouse, or keyboard. Unfortunately, that’s not entirely true.”
The blog also criticizes a number of other Windows 8 user interface features, like the fact that Windows 8 apps don’t have classic Windows buttons that allow users to minimize or exit. Bibik also claims that, in an effort to make the operating system as simple as possible, Microsoft has ended up hiding too many useful features from view.
The website currently prompts visitors to enter a username and password, which makes it impossible for anybody to access the main blog. So maybe Microsoft threatened Bibik with a lawsuit or simply requested him to take the website down.
In any case, it might be Microsoft who gets the last laugh. Although Windows 8’s unique interface has faced some criticisms, it appears to be getting good reviews around the internet. The interface has a steep learning curve, but before long, it appears that Windows 8 users will be browsing seamlessly through menus and connecting any wireless devices in seconds.

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