With kids, teens, and even adults going back to school at this time of year, it’s time to start looking into how to fix your PC. Put simply, your school work is too important to be destroyed by a malfunctioning computer. Besides, what kind of teacher is going to believe your excuse when you tell her that your PC ate your essay?
Thankfully, fixing your PC for the school year doesn’t have to be a difficult task. In fact, using certain programs, it can actually be quite easy. Before discussing that, let’s look at some of the most important ways that viruses and malware affect the functioning of your PC during the school year.
One of the most frustrating viruses to get is one that redirects your Google search results. Viruses like this primarily affect your browser, although they may spread to other areas of your PC as well. These viruses are very problematic when you are trying to research material for an essay or a project. Suddenly, instead of looking at the history of Britain since the 20th century, your computer will try to direct you to a site that tricks you into entering your personal information.
Of course, viruses can affect more than just your browser. Some of the more malicious threats may attempt to shut down your entire PC, or at least make it completely unusable for normal use. If one of these viruses attacks your computer, your hard drive could be inaccessible, which could get rid of an entire semester’s worth of work. No matter what kind of degree or program you’re taking, an attack like this could erase hundreds of hours of essays, lab reports, and more.
Fortunately, there is a simple way to prevent any of this from happening to your PC.
Throughout our years of reviewing PC products, we have discovered that there is one clear winner in the field of free computer optimization tools. That winner is PC Cleaner, which is an all-in-one computer fixer that, in addition to removing deadly viruses and malware from your computer, cleans up your PC and optimizes it for use during the school year, work, gaming, or whatever else you plan on using your computer for.
Your satisfaction is guaranteed and the program features a simple, one-click scan process. Ultimately, this means that your school life will become much simpler after using a product like PC Cleaner. For that reason, we highly recommend it.

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