What is RanRans ransomware? And how does it work?

RanRans ransomware is a newly discovered ransomware Trojan developed using the HiddenTear open source platform. It had gotten its name because of the file extension it appends on its targeted files which is .ranrans. There is also another threat named RanRan ransomware also known as zXz File Extension ransomware but you shouldn’t confuse this with RanRans ransomware since the two ransomware aren’t related in any way and completely different from each other. The main goal of Ranrans ransomware is to encrypt its victims’ files and then demand a ransom in exchange for their recovery.
During the infiltration, the malware will connect to its Command and Control server which is at https://ranrans.000webhostapp.com/write.php?info=. It then creates a list of files on the %USERPROFILE% and %ALLUSERPROFILE% (including its subfolders) directories on the infected computer with the encryption algorithm which is the AES cipher known to be one of the strongest ciphers there is. It then appends the .ranrans file extension on each files, adding it after the files’ file extension, for instance, from images.jpg it now becomes images.jpg.ranrans. From there, you won’t be able to access those files. The virus drops its ransom note under a text file named “READ_IT.txt” containing the following message:
“Please send 50$ in Bitcoin to this Address : 1EkL3c68MY5MvchU4FHRYCjEj4DKAerG9
With Blockchain : [PAYMENT PAGE]
Sign up on blockchains.info or some other website and send the payment.
Download Decrypt Tool : [LINK 1] or [LINK 2] or [LINK 3]
Once paid you will have your key for Restore your file.
Please Send your email as comment with the name of your computer when you send the Payment”
Based on its ransom note, Ranrans ransomware only demands an amount of $50. It maybe a measly amount that some users might be tempted to pay it instead of having to worry about decrypting their files, however, keep in mind that cyber criminals are cyber criminals for a reason. Meaning to say, paying the $50 ransom won’t really guarantee the restoration of your files. In fact, the crooks behind Ranrans ransomware might ignore you once they got the ransom. And besides, why pay when there are ways to recover your files and get rid of the threat? Such ways will be discussed as you continue reading this article.

How did you end up with Ranrans ransomware?

You can end up with an infection like Ranrans ransomware when you open and download corrupted attachments on your spam emails. Ranrans ransomware makes use of spam email campaigns to spread its infected files. These infected files are usually Microsoft Word documents that are macro-enabled. They use these macro-enabled .docx files to execute their attack and connect to the C&C server. Thus, to avoid such occurrence, never ever open any suspicious spam emails, let alone download its attachments.
To be free of Ranrans ransomware, follow the removal guide below:
Step 1: Open Windows Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc at the same time.

Step 2: Go to the Processes tab and look for any suspicious processes and then kill them.

Step 3: Open Control Panel by pressing the Windows key + R, then type in appwiz.cpl and then click OK or press Enter.
Step 4: Look for RanRans Ransomware or any suspicious program and then Uninstall.

Step 5: Hold down Windows + E keys simultaneously to open File Explorer.
Step 6: Go to the directories listed below and delete everything in it. Or other directories you might have saved the file related to RanRans Ransomware.

  • %USERPROFILE%\Downloads
  • %USERPROFILE%\Desktop
  • %TEMP%

Step 7: Look for the ransom note named READ_IT.txt, as well as the malicious file that might be related to RanRans ransomware.
Step 8: Right-click on it and click Delete.
Step 9: Empty the Recycle Bin.
Step 10: Restore your encrypted files.
Restoring your encrypted files using Windows’ Previous Versions feature will only be effective if the RanRans Ransomware hasn’t deleted the shadow copies of your files. But still, this is one of the best and free methods there is, so it’s definitely worth a shot.
To restore the encrypted file, right-click on it and select Properties, a new window will pop-up, then proceed to Previous Versions. It will load the file’s previous version before it was modified. After it loads, select any of the previous versions displayed on the list like the one in the illustration below. And then click the Restore button.

Follow the continued advanced steps below to ensure the removal of the RanRans Ransomware:
Perform a full system scan using SpyRemover Pro.

  1. Turn on your computer. If it’s already on, you have to reboot
  2. After that, the BIOS screen will be displayed, but if Windows pops up instead, reboot your computer and try again. Once you’re on the BIOS screen, repeat pressing F8, by doing so the Advanced Option shows up.

  1. To navigate the Advanced Option use the arrow keys and select Safe Mode with Networking then hit
  2. Windows will now load the Safe Mode with Networking.
  3. Press and hold both R key and Windows key.

  1. If done correctly, the Windows Run Box will show up.
  2. Type in explorer http://www.fixmypcfree.com/install/spyremoverpro

A single space must be in between explorer and http. Click OK.

  1. A dialog box will be displayed by Internet Explorer. Click Run to begin downloading SpyRemover Pro. Installation will start automatically once download is done.


  1. Click OK to launch SpyRemover Pro.
  2. Run SpyRemover Pro and perform a full system scan.

  1. After all the infections are identified, click REMOVE ALL.

  1. Register SpyRemover Pro to protect your computer from future threats.


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