What is Search.myportal.us? And how does it function?

Search.myportal.us is a dubious search engine developed by AirFind. This dubious search engine is labeled as a browser hijacker and a potentially unwanted program (PUP) as it stealthily enters the computer system using software bundles. After its infiltration, it makes numerous changes on the browser such as modifying the home page and search provider as well as the new tab page.
Moreover, this hijacker also has the ability to alter search results and display sponsored contents in the form of ads like pop-ups, banners, links, etc. So when you use this search tool, instead of actually finding the information you’re looking for, you’ll only get more ads and a few related results.
Judging on its appearance, Search.myportal.us may pass as a legitimate search tool. It offers selection between well-known search engines like Google and Bing. But don’t let its looks fool you. Even if this hijacker’s search results are taken from these search engines, they are nothing but unreliable. When you click on any of the sponsored contents like a link, you may be redirected to phishing or malicious website. It doesn’t take a genius to know that this hijacker’s main goal is to generate profit through pay-per-click revenue.
In addition to annoying the crap out of you, Search.myportal.us is also capable of monitoring all your browsing-related activities to gather personal information to deliver customized and personalized ads, making the possibility of you clicking them high. So if you value your security and privacy, it’s practical to get rid of Search.myportal.us before it’s too late.

How does Search.myportal.us spread online?

Search.myportal.us spreads using software bundles. This technique is common among browser hijackers and potentially unwanted programs so it isn’t surprising that Search.myportal.us uses this as well. In all fairness, some of the programs in a software bundle are legitimate, but some of the programs added are also PUPs and browser hijackers, the hijack usually occurs when user install the bundle using only the Standard installation method instead of the suggested Advanced or Custom setup. This kind of setup is highly suggested for it allows users to remove extra programs in the bundle, preventing them from getting installed together with the legitimate program.
Get rid of Search.myportal.us using the removal instructions below.
Step 1: Remove Search.myportal.us from Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer by resetting them to their default state.
Google Chrome

  1. Launch Google Chrome, press Alt + F, move to More tools, and click Extensions.
  2. Look for Search.myportal.us or any unwanted add-on, click the Recycle Bin button, and choose Remove.
  3. Restart Google Chrome, then tap Alt + F, and select Settings.
  4. Navigate to the On Startup section at the bottom.
  5. Select Open a specific page or set of pages.
  6. Click the More actions button next to the adware and click Remove.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Click on the Firefox Menu in the upper right corner of the browser.
  2. Enter Options and enter Advanced.
  3. Select Network tab and then choose Settings.
  4. Remove the checkmark placed on Automatic proxy configuration URL and delete the unstop.net address.
  5. Go back to the Firefox settings and select Troubleshooting information.
  6. Select Refresh.

Internet Explorer

  1. Click the menu in the upper right corner.
  2. Select Internet Options.
  3. Go to the Connections tab. In the bottom of the window choose LAN settings.
  4. In the newly emerged window, remove the checkmark from Use automatic configuration script and delete the Search.myportal.us web link in the
  5. Address bar.
  6. Do not forget to click OK to apply the changes. Reset the browser. The below guide will instruct you how to do it.

Step 2: Open Control Panel by pressing the Windows key + R, then type in appwiz.cpl and then click OK or press Enter.

Step 3: Look for any suspicious program that has something to do with Search.myportal.us and then Uninstall it.

Step 4: Hold down Windows + E keys simultaneously to open File Explorer.
Step 5: Navigate to the following directories and look for suspicious files associated to Search.myportal.us and delete it/them.

  • %USERPROFILE%\Downloads
  • %USERPROFILE%\Desktop
  • %TEMP%

Step 6: Empty your Recycle Bin.
Follow the continued advanced steps below to ensure the removal of Search.myportal.us and its components:
Perform a full system scan using SpyRemover Pro. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Turn on your computer. If it’s already on, you have to reboot
  2. After that, the BIOS screen will be displayed, but if Windows pops up instead, reboot your computer and try again. Once you’re on the BIOS screen, repeat pressing F8, by doing so the Advanced Option shows up.

  1. To navigate the Advanced Option use the arrow keys and select Safe Mode with Networking then hit
  2. Windows will now load the Safe Mode with Networking.
  3. Press and hold both R key and Windows key.

  1. If done correctly, the Windows Run Box will show up.
  2. Type in Apollolocker http://www.fixmypcfree.com/install/spyremoverpro

A single space must be in between Apollolocker and http. Click OK. 

  1. A dialog box will be displayed by Internet Apollolocker. Click Run to begin downloading SpyRemover Pro. Installation will start automatically once download is done.

  1. Click OK to launch the program.
  2. Run SpyRemover Pro and perform a full system scan.

  1. After all the infections are identified, click REMOVE ALL.

  1. Register the program to protect your computer from future threats.
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