VLC Media Player is one of the world’s most popular applications. Unlike Windows Media Player, which requires expensive codecs to play just about any movie file, VLC is based on open-source code that freely uses copyrighted codecs.
Since the creators of VLC are based in France, the legality of VLC is hazy. But that hasn’t stopped millions of users from downloading the program, which is considered the go-to media player whenever you can’t get a video or song file to work.
VLC is available on all modern versions of Windows as well as several other operating systems. But unfortunately, early adopters of Windows RT were disappointed to find that VLC Media Player was not available as a Windows app. Since Windows RT users can only download apps from the app store – as opposed to downloading regular software programs like full Windows 8 users – this was a serious problem.
Fortunately, the team behind VLC is planning on releasing a version of VLC player for the Windows Store. But it’s going to cost you. VLC is asking for Kickstarter donations to help fund development of a native Windows 8 VLC app. The campaign promises a number of different rewards for pledging, including advertisements on website banners, special mentions in VLC documentation, and invitations to VLC events.
So if you’re a Windows RT user and you’re willing to put your money where your mouth is when it comes to VLC, then you can view the VLC Metro Kickstarter campaign here.

How to get VLC for Windows 8 RT:

Step 1) Wait for the Kickstarter campaign to be successful
Step 2) Wait for the VLC team to finish coding the project
Step 3) Download the VLC for Metro program from the official VLC website

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