A slow computer can really put a spell on one’s workload and it can surely lead to a number of complications that can trouble the user to a considerable extent. It is therefore essential that PC users find the best of means via which they can find out how to make their PCs run not only faster but smoothly as well. If you are one of the many individuals that needs to find out how to make your computer run faster, you would have perhaps contemplated the urgency of adding a RAM module to your PC. However, there are a certain number of tricks up ones sleeve that you can use so as to make it run as smooth and as fast as the day that you first purchased it. Following the below mentioned basic points will help you find out how you can make your computer run faster and get the results that you have always desired.
Clear Up Some Space
The first thing that you need to do is clear out some space on your Hard Disk. This should be preferably done from your C Drive. A faster C Drive means that the operating system will boot faster and will hence run processes and applications much more smoothly.
Get Some Virtual Memory
The ideal way via which you can speed things up is by adding a dedicated space of virtual memory to the drives that you desire to boost in terms of speed. If you were to go into your Computer properties tab under advanced settings, you will be able to control the virtual memory values from there.
Remove Spyware and Adware
Bugs, Trojans and more can dampen the performance of your computer to a considerable extent. You hence need to get a well accredited adware and spyware remover that will be able to get rid of unwanted files on your PC. You should note that this is not an antivirus removal tool. It is solely developed for removing and eliminating adware that is installed on your system in terms of cookies.
Get Protected
Certain viruses and malware programs will eat up your system processes. You will need to get a good antivirus program that will help you safeguard your PC against attacks and slow speeds. Ideally, your antivirus should offer online as well as offline protection.
Run a Defragment
Defragmenting your Hard Disk once in a while will help your drive work smoother. It is a known fact that that your drive needs to runs faster so that your processes are not eaten up by its memory. Running a system defragmentation once in a while will help you get a faster running PC.6.
Tweak the Visuals
Many Operating systems today come with immense animations. Tweak them off if you want to experience the full performance of your system processor. Go to visual settings and turn off the animatronics that you do not need. Reboot and see the improvement.

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