What is AntiGravity Tab? Antigravity tab also known as AntiGravity Flow tab is another browser hijacker that is a notorious infection identified as an adware. It changes your default home page to AntiGravity flow tab and sets your search provider to https://antigravityflowtab.com/search?q=. Apart from changing your browser’s settings, it can also add a few registry entries just to make its removal difficult to do. Not only that; this browser hijacker can also install third-party apps and tracking cookies to monitor your internet browsing and collect information like your search keywords, browsing history, most visited sites and other information.
AntiGravity tab’s home page includes shortcuts to famous websites like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Beware though, just like other browser hijackers, AntiGravity tab’s search engine provides modified search results. Meaning, its result page promotes sponsored links to generate advertising-based revenue. It can even redirect you to other suspicious websites. The ads and pop-ups it displays might show up in strange places of the web page, some of them don’t even have the close button leaving you without much choice. In cases like this, it’s best to close the browser itself and look for the AntiGravity tab on your browsers and have it removed immediately. One of the trickiest things it can do is also disable your antivirus, thus, allowing other threats to infect your computer, leaving your computer’s system vulnerable to cyber attacks.
AntiGravity tabs’ distribution method is through software bundling, spam emails, shady websites. You can also install this through Google Chrome’s Web store or its official website but that does not make it any safer since as mentioned it is also distributed through software bundles and any software distributed through bundling it considered suspicious and a possible harm to your computer. Once installed, continuous popping of ads occurs all the time. This browser hijacker mostly infects famous browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. The longer you let this browser hijacker stay in your computer, the more information it can gather about you like your email address for instance. That’s why numbers of newsletters and spam emails with or without suspicious attachments find its way in to your email’s inbox.

Removing AntiGravity Flow tab from your computer’s browsers.

Google Chrome:

  1. Find the Google Chrome’s shortcut on your computer and Right-click and select Properties.


  1. After selecting Properties, go to Shortcut, erase AntiGravity tab or anything after .exe, and click OK.

  1. Close Google Chrome and Navigate to:

C:/Users/!!!!USER    NAME!!!!/AppData/Local/Google/Chrome/User Data

  1. Look for the folder named Default and rename it to Backup Default.
  2. Restart Google Chrome.


Internet Explorer:

  1. Launch Internet Explorer and click the Settings icon and select Manage Add-ons.


  1. Locate the AntiGravity tab or other suspicious add-ons and select Disable. Go to Settings, then Internet Options and change the URL to anything you use and click Apply.


Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Launch Mozilla Firefox, click the tab labeled Firefox and select Add-ons, then Extensions.


  1. Look for AntiGravity tab and Remove.
  2. Close Mozilla.

Just to be a 100 percent sure of your computer’s safety, it would be best if you perform a full and thorough scan on your computer using an excellent antivirus like SpyRemover Pro to precisely check other unwanted threats like AntiGravity tab that may have infected your computer.

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