What is Error Code 0x214aL?
If you are constantly redirected to sites that display an error code 0x214aL, demanding you to call support number then it is most likely you have a malware on your computer. Error code 0x214aL is a kind of malware in your system that usually gets in to your computer in a tricky way.
The error code 0x214aL pop-up alerts are nothing but a scam. Microsoft is not known to send unsolicited email messages or phone calls to request any personal information just to fix your computer. Once it infects your computer you will be redirected to a site which will show you the fake error alert pop up that displays the following messages on your screen:
Internet Service Provider: Unknown Security Breach
Debug Malware Error 895-SYSTEM32.EXE Failure.
Windows’s Defender Time Out Error Code 0x214aL Call Microsoft Support in Order to Receive Immediate Support And Assistance With Windows Defender Software Microsoft Support Toll Free number 1-844-346-3716 Opening New Browser Page Will Cause To Data Loss And Corruption In Your Windows Computer. ERROR CODE 0xa297sa
When trying To Open Windows Defender BSOD: DllRegistration
ErrorCode o0acxfasf
The fake error alert is displayed in a way that users will believe that their computer is infected with some malicious software and demands them to call the given number which according to them is a technical support from Microsoft when in fact it’s not. You should never consider calling the given number for it might only jeopardize your security. This fake Microsoft support might demand you to pay them money for a service they pretended to give you. You must not fall into that trap. Providing your information such as credit card will put you in great danger. So whenever you receive this kind of fake error alert, do not resort to calling the number and look for ways on how to get rid of it instead.
The scammers behind the fake error code 0x214aL might trick you into giving them remote access in to your computer if you ever tried calling them. So do not be foolish enough to do that. Giving them remote access would be like allowing more infection to get into your computer. That’s why you need to remove this fake alert as soon as possible.
How is the fake error code 0x214aL distributed?
According to our researchers, this infection can infiltrate your system through several ways. It can get in to your computer via spam emails; it could be the attachment or the corrupted links, so as soon as you download the attachment or click the link, the infection will spread on your system right away resulting to this fake error alert. the scammers will deceive you into thinking that the email is some sort of an important message that will make you want to open it right away and download its attachments. So it is a must to check if the sender is a legit one or better yet, never download any attachment from unknown senders. Moreover, this fake error alert can also be spread out through free-sharing sites with bundled software. If you carelessly install the software, you will also install the unwanted program or file attached with the software you installed.
Getting rid of the fake error code 0x214aL shouldn’t be that hard. Just follow the removal guide we provided below.
Removing fake error code 0x214aL:
Step 1: Reboot your computer into Safe Mode by pressing F8 repeatedly until the BIOS screen shows up.

Step 2: Go to the Windows Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc at the same time. Proceed to the Processes tab and look for the fake error code 0x214aL or other related suspicious processes.

Right-click on the processes, then click Open File Location and scan them using a powerful and trusted antivirus like SpyRemover Pro. After opening their folders, end their processes and delete their folders. If the virus scanner fails to detect something that you know is suspicious, don’t hesitate to delete it.
Step 3: Open Control Panel by pressing Start key + R to launch Run and type appwiz.cpl in the search box and click OK.

Locate fake error code 0x214aL or any suspicious program that might be related to this fake alert and then Uninstall. Then click the Windows button and type msconfig in the search box and hit Enter to Open System Configuration. Go to Startup and unmark items with an unknown manufacturer.

Step 4: Press the Start key + R and type the following:
Notepad %windir%/system32/Drivers/etc/hosts
This file will open which will determine if you are hacked through a bunch of IP addresses at the bottom:

Open the start menu by clicking the Windows button and search for Network Connections using the search box and hit Enter.

  • Right-click on your Network Adapter, go to Properties, Internet Protocol Version 4 (ICP/IP), then click Properties.

  • The DNS line will be set to Obtain DNS server automatically.

  • Select Advanced on the DNS tab, and if there is anything there, remove it and click OK.

Removing fake error code 0x214aL from your browsers:

Google Chrome
1. Launch Google Chrome and open its menu by pressing Alt + F.
2. Click Settings.
3. Click Show advanced settings located at the bottom part of the page.
4. Click on the Reset settings button.
5. Click Reset.
Mozilla Firefox
1. Start Mozilla Firefox.
2. Press Alt+H .
3. Find Refresh Firefox a t the top and click on this button.
4. In the confirmation window, click Refresh Firefox again.
Internet Explorer
1. Launch Internet Explorer.
2. Tap Alt+T and click Internet Options.
3. Click on the Advanced tab and then click Reset.
4. Mark the box next to Delete personal settings.
5. Click Reset.

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