Windows 8 is a major upgrade from Windows 7 in a lot of different ways. It features better multi-monitor support, improved security features, and better file management, among other things. But one feature overshadows all of these additions, and that feature is the Metro user interface.
Metro is controversial, to say the least. It’s a jarring change from the Windows operating systems we’ve known and used in the past. And as a result, experienced Windows users don’t really like using it. But in their infinite wisdom, Microsoft doesn’t allow users to switch off the Metro interface or even boot into the classic Windows desktop. Instead, Microsoft wants to make sure that Metro is an important part of our lives.
That’s why Ex7ForW8 is such a valuable little program. It’s not the only program that disables Metro UI, but it’s certainly one of the best ones available today. Here’s a step by step guide that shows you how to use this free program to remove the Metro UI in Windows 8:
Step 1) Download Ex7ForW8 from here
Step 2) Run the file in order to install it
Step 3) During the installation process, you can choose which Windows shell you want to use. Obviously, if you’re trying to remove the Metro UI, you’ll want to choose the Use Windows 7 explorer option.

Step 4) That’s it! Ex7ForW8 installs the old Windows 7 explorer shell on top of the Windows 8 shell. And best of all, it doesn’t modify important system files in the process. Instead, the entire application is small and lightweight. No registry files are edited and you can instantly uninstall the program to return to the classic Windows 8 explorer + Metro interface at any time.
Ex7ForW8 was created and released for free by a forum user over at named Tihiy. if you appreciate the program, send him a ‘thanks’ on the forum. Tihiy also frequently updates the application and has improved it in various ways since its first release back in July 2012.
To download the latest version of Ex7ForW8 today, click here. 

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