What is Pixel World Extension? And how does it work?

Pixel World is a Google Chrome browser extension, advertised as “You don’t know how much pixel your display has! We have an answer!” If you click this extension, it will show the amount of pixels that it fills up your current screen is using. It may appear to be a useful tool, however, don’t let its appearance or description fool you; this browse extension is actually a browser hijacker and a potentially unwanted program which why you should eliminate it as soon as it enters your system.
Pixel World’s developers can tell the extension to perform several tasks such as altering browser’s settings, injecting intrusive advertisements or perform unwanted behavior since the extension makes a call back to a remote host when you browse the web. There is no mistaking the real goal of this unwanted program – to generate profit via pay-per-click marketing.
Aside from the annoying ads, Pixel World can also track and monitor your browsing related activities to collect personal information which is shared with third parties. So if you suddenly notice customized and personalized information every time you browse the internet, then that could only mean that you have a hijacker in your computer which in this case is the Pixel World Extension.
It does not take a genius to know that this browser extension is a useless program, as per its description which tells you just “how much pixel your display has”, this information is available in your computer so there’s no need for you to be enticed with such good for nothing program that could only bring potential harm to your computer.

How does Pixel World Extension circulate online?

Before, you can find Pixel World’s installer in the Chrome Web Store but it was already taken down for some reasons – reasons that could have something to do with this program being a hijacker. So currently, this unwanted program has no official website or whatsoever which could mean that it is distributed as a freeware in free sharing sites. Installation of freeware is tricky, especially if you don’t pay much attention during the process. Most users tend to install freeware using the standard installation instead of the Custom or Advanced setup. As a result, they end up with a browser hijacker in their computer. So if you made the same mistake, the next time you install software bundles, make sure you install them using the Custom or Advanced setup.

Remove Pixel World Extension by following the guide below.

Step 1: Launch Google Chrome.
Step 2: Click the wrench icon. And from the drop-down menu click on Tools and then select Extensions.

Step 3: Under the Extensions tab, select Pixel World Extension or other suspicious browser extensions related to it and then click on the Trash icon.

Step 4: Click on Remove button from the confirmation dialog box.

Step 5: Reset Google Chrome. To do that, click the three stripes icon located at the upper-right corner of your screen. And then select Settings.

Step 6: under Settings, look for Show advanced settings at the bottom of the page and click on it.

Step 7: Then click on the Reset browser settings button.
Step 8: After that, a dialog box pops up, click the Reset button to Reset Chrome.

Step 9: After you reset Chrome, enable the Phishing and Malware Protection in Chrome to prevent PUPs like Pixel World Extension from infecting your computer again in the future. To do that, click Settings once again.
Step 10: Select the Show advanced settings again.
Step 11: Go to the Privacy section and check the Enable phishing and malware protection option.
Step 12: Restart Chrome.
Follow the continued advanced steps below to ensure the removal of Pixel World Extension:
Perform a full system scan using SpyRemover Pro.

  1. Turn on your computer. If it’s already on, you have to reboot


  1. After that, the BIOS screen will be displayed, but if Windows pops up instead, reboot your computer and try again. Once you’re on the BIOS screen, repeat pressing F8, by doing so the Advanced Option shows up.


  1. To navigate the Advanced Option use the arrow keys and select Safe Mode with Networking then hit

  1. Windows will now load the Safe Mode with Networking.


  1. Press and hold both R key and Windows key.

  1. If done correctly, the Windows Run Box will show up.


  1. Type in explorer http://www.fixmypcfree.com/install/spyremoverpro

A single space must be in between explorer and http. Click OK.

  1. A dialog box will be displayed by Internet Explorer. Click Run to begin downloading SpyRemover Pro Installation will start automatically once download is done.

  1. Click OK to launch SpyRemover Pro.


  1. Run SpyRemover Pro and perform a full system scan.

  1. After all the infections are identified, click REMOVE ALL.

  1. Register SpyRemover Pro to protect your computer from future threats.


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