This article will guide you in removing .zepto file virus, which is also known as zeptojs or zepto.js. This works for all versions of Windows.

Malicious programs are rampant all over the internet, and some of them can be as harmful as a ransomware virus. Ransomware virus is a new kind of computer virus that works differently compared to the famous ones like Trojan horses and other malware; while a Trojan horse is designed to either steal money from your online bank accounts, damage your computer or spy on you, a ransomware is quite different. Ransomware works in a unique way compared to other viruses. Zepto.js virus makes you want to never open any dubious email attachments ever again. Like most types of ransomware, Zepto is usually distributed through spam emails. Although most of email services can filter spam emails, some of it still makes its way to your inbox, especially the well-written one and since you are confident about your email spam filter, there’s a chance you can open that email and download its attachment that may contain the Zepto virus. There are two variations for zepto viruses:

  1. js or any file name ending with .js. Once you open these kind of files, it downloads and run the real virus executable automatically without showing any indications.
  2. A .wsf or .docm file. Both of these files can be named similarly to the js or carry in a different manner. These two appears to be a legit file because their extensions, making them less suspicious and are almost the same as that of a word document or a movie/sound file, when in fact they are just as dangerous. The .docm file may be a blank file or it may give you instructions to enable micro and infect your computer. While the .wsf file can be worse, because when you try running it, it will just produce an error and just like that, the ransomware executable file starts working completely hidden in your computer.

What can the .zepto file virus do?

If your computer is infected by this virus, you will be completely unaware of it for a certain period of time. And on that period of time, that’s when it copies all your files into encrypted ones while erasing the original files leaving you with files you won’t be able to open. After doing all its dirty work behind your back, the virus will notify you of its presence through a pop-up message. The message will tell you to pay money through bitcoins in exchange for the codes to decrypt the files. The hacker will remain anonymous since bitcoins are cyber-currency that is difficult to trace.
If your computer is already infected with this virus, nothing much can be done.  But don’t worry; this article will guide you all through the way in removing it by following the steps below.
Step 1: Reboot your computer into Safe Mode.

Step 2: Go to the Processes tab by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc and look for any suspicious process.

  • Right click on the suspicious items and select Open File Location and scan the suspicious files.
  • After that, end the processes and then delete their folders.

Step 3: Launch Run by pressing the Start key+R at the same time and type the details below and click OK.

                                notepad %windir%/system32/Drivers/etc/hosts
This file will opened and will determine if you are hacked through a bunch of IP  addresses at the bottom:
Open System Configuration by typing msconfig in the search field and then hit Enter. This window will appear:

Proceed to the Startup tab  and uncheck entries with unknown manufacturer.
Step 4: Go to the Registry Editor by typing Regedit in the search field and hit Enter. Then press Ctrl+F at the same time and type in the virus’ name to look for the virus.
Search the ransomware among your Registries and delete the entries, just be cautious in the changes you are about to make though since any changes made on the Registry will affect your computer.
Type the following details on the Windows search field:

  • %AppData%
  • %LocalAppData%
  • %ProgramData%
  • %WinDir%
  • %Temp%

Remove everything on the Temp folder.
Trying out the manual process given above could help you in getting rid of the .zepto virus. However, if you are not a tech savvy kind of person and you are not that familiar in navigating your computer, you can use a one-click solution like SpyRemover Pro. This software helps you remove threats like ransomware, malware and other harmful threats from your computer, not only that it also prevents future threats from getting into your computer.

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