As time advances, we would want all our products perform its best or rather we expect it to because of advanced technology. Not all works the same way, for some you will have to do some cut downs and checkups yourself to ensure maximum performance, like the Windows 7 for example! The Windows 7 is said to be a revolutionary operating system, agreed. But to get maximum performance and speed out of it, we will have to do some investigations and make changes. If you are interested in speeding up your PC running on Windows 7 OS, then you better continue reading.
The first thing you will have to do is hold up a minimum free space of about 500 megabytes (MB) as reserve in order for your computer to not lag as the OS and other programs creates temporary programs all the time and require some amount of space to run efficiently. If there are any programs installed that you no longer use anymore, remove it because that will take up considerable amount of memory.
Running programs are the main reason why your computer turns out to be quite slow. Programs take up a certain amount of memory usage which again slows down the computer. F.ex: If a computer has 1 MB of memory usage and 512 KB has been used by programs, the OS has only 512 KB left to run. Obviously 1024 KB will be favorable to Windows than 512 KB and hence the speed depends on how much less memory is occupied by the programs.
Also, disable all the unwanted start up programs that loads when you start the computer. Disabling these startup programs will help make your computer start a lot faster and will take up lesser memory usage. There might be a lot of side programs running in the side, so go to the task manager and click “end task” to all those unwanted programs.
Another reason why your computer might slow down is because of viruses! Keep updating your antivirus program. But if there are more than one antivirus program running, then we’d advice you to remove one as having both will slow down the system even more as antiviruses takes more usage memory than other programs. Let’s hope this article have been helpful and have helped establish some knowledge about why your computer speed might slow down.

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