Microsoft purchased a note-taking app called Wunderlist back in 2015. Ever since, fans have been waiting for Wunderlist to appear on Windows 10.
Now, thanks to the latest Windows 10 update, Wunderlist is finally available to Windows 10 users. It’s a robust note-taking, to-do list, and organizing app. Microsoft has made it a cross-platform app with a simple title: To-Do.
Today, we’re explaining everything you need to know about setting up To-Do for the first time – and using it to its full potential.

Start by Migrating your Old Wanderlist To-Do Items

Microsoft has put effort into making sure it’s easy to move your old Wanderlist items to the new To-Do app. In fact, there’s a dedicated tool that lets you do it.
To start, you can download To-Do from here. That link will open up the Windows Store as well.
If you have existing Wunderlist data, then you can use Microsoft’s Importer tool to migrate data across. Click this link, then click Start Importing. Sign into your Microsoft account, and your Wanderlist data will transfer across.
You’ll have to accept a bunch of permission requests for the transfer to work.
Keep clicking through the wizard. Choose the settings you want to import. Then, you’re ready to go. Open To-Do, and you’ll see your existing Wanderlist items waiting there for you.

Make Sure To-Do Opens on Startup

If you want to start using To-Do effectively, then you probably want it to open when you start your PC.
Making To-Do open on startup is harder than you might think. Our friends at Make Tech Easier found a good way to do it: you use File Explorer to navigate to your Windows startup folder, then add a To-Do shortcut to that folder:

Install To-Do On Multiple Devices

One of the most useful parts of To-Do – and the reason I started using it – is because it’s available on Android, iOS, and Mac. Your data will sync across multiple platforms.
You can expect similar features to the original Wanderlist. At the time of launch, To-Do is relatively light on features. If you want a basic to-do list app that syncs across your devices, then it works great. However, it lacks the extensive features of other note-taking software at this time.
You can download the Microsoft To-Do app on iOS here and on Android here.

Microsoft To-Do Features

The key feature of Microsoft To-Do is to turn your to-do lists into colorful, user-friendly lists. You can check a box beside each item when you finish with that item, for example, and separate your tasks into different groups.
Under a “Planning Dave’s Party” list, for example, you might have “buying a cake” and “making dinner reservations”. To-Do has a progress bar showing your progress towards each menu item.
Microsoft has pre-built categories – like Groceries and Daily. You can also make your own categories – like Movies to Watch or Books to Read.
You can also setup due dates for your tasks. You can see when tasks are overdue.
Another helpful feature is Microsoft To-Do’s “Suggested for you” tasks. Microsoft looks at your upcoming to-do list, then shows you which tasks are most important. You can organize your tasks by what’s most important, then receive a daily schedule based on that information.
Ultimately, Microsoft To-Do is a helpful, organized to-do list app now available to Windows 10 users. It’s user-friendly and available across multiple devices. Download it for Windows 10 today here.

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