Internet accessibility is one of the biggest technological issues facing the world today. Some governments – like in China and North Korea – treat the internet as a propaganda tool and only allow citizens to access certain parts of the internet. Other governments – like in most first world western countries – give their citizens unrestricted access to the internet and all its content.
However, the UK seems destined to pass a bill restricting its citizens from accessing adult content online without specifically opting into the ‘adult content’ package with their ISP subscriber. That’s bad for people in the UK who like adult content but don’t want to call their ISP and specifically ask for it. Meanwhile, other European countries like Ireland, Italy, and Belgium also restrict online content in various ways.
Fortunately, the good folks behind The Pirate Bay feel the pain of internet users around the world and want to help. That’s why they created a tool called the Pirate Browser. The Pirate Browser isn’t actually a single program; instead, it’s a bundle of useful internet privacy tools including:
-Customized version of Firefox
-Tor client
The Pirate Browser isn’t designed to make its users completely anonymous. Instead, it wants to help users avoid government censorship all over the world. You can use the Pirate Browser to easily access online proxies that trick websites into thinking your computer is based in a different part of the world. Every time the Pirate Browser starts up, it will automatically connect to the Tor network.


The Pirate Browser also comes pre-loaded with a bunch of helpful torrent-related bookmarks, including links to The Pirate Bay itself and its backup .onion addresses. TPB was even kind enough to include links to other torrent websites.
No, you shouldn’t use the Pirate Browser to access the Deep Web. But if you’re trying to watch region-blocked content online or other websites that your totalitarian government has chosen to block, then

Who should use the Pirate Browser?

If you live in any of the following countries, then your government restricts online content. The Pirate Browser will allow you to easily get around these restrictions:
-North Korea
Like it or not, internet users in these countries are censored in some way or another.

How to use the Pirate Browser

Step 1) Download the Pirate Browser by clicking here
Step 2) Extract the files
Step 3) Open the folder and click Start PirateBrowser.exe
Step 4) The application will start up and authenticate with the Tor Network. Once authenticated, the standard Firefox browser will open.
Step 5) Begin browsing and enjoy reading about the Tiananmen Square massacre in China and other restricted topics.
Step 6) To make future browsing sessions easier, consider making a copy of the Start PirateBrowser.exe shortcut and placing it on your desktop or Start bar.
Again, the download link for the Pirate Browser can be found here:

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